Swaggatrons Animated Series Goes Next-Gen with Replikant’s 3D Technology

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Fans of the critically-acclaimed comic book series Swaggatrons are buzzing with excitement over the IP’s newly-announced animated series. This epic journey involving hip-hop heroes battling the sinister world of swag has come to life through Replikant, an innovative 3D animation platform that enables creators of all skill levels to create dynamic characters and compelling stories with advanced AI-powered tools.

A First for 3D Animation

“We’re extremely thrilled to be bringing Swaggatrons to life in this innovative format,” says Rock Jacobs, Director of the Swaggatrons animated series. “The synergy between music, animation, and storytelling will truly make this series a one-of-a-kind experience for viewers.”

Audiences will enjoy something never-before-seen in the animation industry: A full-scale production that utilizes Replikant’s groundbreaking software. The Swaggatrons team has proudly highlighted how their series fully demonstrates Replikant’s innovative capabilities.

“This is a massive leap forward for the state of 3D animation,” explains Luc Schurgers, CEO at Replikant. “Swaggatrons is the perfect first series to showcase the potential of our Replikant of our software. The characters have so much personality, and the creativity of their animated world really shines through in every frame.”

SwaggatronsMeet The Swaggatrons

In a world plagued by conformity, stupidity, and superficiality, the Swaggatrons make it their mission to restore the power of independent thought. The series centers on a brilliant young Black prophet and scientist who unveils a groundbreaking weapon harnessing the power of sound. 

With the ability to alter people’s consciousness, he embarks on a mission to liberate humanity from the clutches of the diabolical Lord Natas, who controls the minds of billions in the oppressive Swagga Verse. Forming an extraordinary team known as the Etherians, the prophet, and his allies strive to free society from this tyrannical grip, wage a battle against conformity, and strive to awaken the minds of the masses and ignite a revolution of consciousness.

“It’s the classic tale of good versus evil with our unique spin,” says Jacobs. “There really hasn’t been anything like this before, from the exciting universe to the cutting-edge way it’s created with Replikant. We’ve really found a story and a means that match each other in creativity.”

The Team Behind The Magic

Jacobs notes that he was enthusiastic to join this project from day one. “We’re set to offer an unmatched blend of music, animation, and riveting storytelling,” he stated. Considering Jacobs’ stellar track record of directing videos for music heavyweights like Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Ice Cube, and Skrillex, Swaggatrons promises to be another tour de force for the director.

Alongside Jacbos is Tamar Tyller, the creator of Swaggatrons. Tyler is best known for his music production work with the NBA, Time Warner, Prince Ea, Allen Anthony, and Soda Monkey Entertainment’s Boom Tag X. Thanks to his extensive experience in music-making, Tyler is also acting as the orchestrator for the Swaggatrons series soundtrack. 

Rounding out the team are series writers Carlos Koustas and Natalie Marciano. “Everyone on this project is motivated to do their best,” says Jacobs. “We have that ability thanks to Replikant’s technology. Our creativity on this one is free-flowing and we can’t wait to premiere Swaggatrons to the world.”

A New Era in 3D Animation

This close-knit team of creatives is able to thrive thanks to Replikant’s 3D animation software. “It’s easy enough for anyone to use, yet advanced enough to create some truly stunning animations,” explains Schurgers. “The team has been able to move ahead without delays thanks to the software’s potential.”

While Hollywood remains shut down due to writer and actor strikes, Swaggatrons production has moved ahead unimpeded. Schurgers highlights this as a chief advantage for virtual production and animation, as the Swaggatrons team hasn’t missed a beat since the project’s founding.

“Empowering the creation of something like this is exactly what Replikant is meant for,” says Schurgers. “Just like the Swaggatrons heroes are fighting for a better future, this show represents a new era for 3D animation and the world of entertainment.”

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