Soccer Fan and Actor Akeem Mair Featured in Barclays and Premier League Campaign, #UpForThis Choose A Team

Working with projects that one is passionate about can be a dream come true for many. Such was the case for Akeem Mair, an actor and entertainer who appeared in the Barclays and Premier League’s latest social media campaign, “#UpForThis Choose a Team.” As a fan of the club and a lover of his craft, the actor shared how the experience has brought him to new heights. 

Akeem Mair is an actor who has built a solid reputation through many independent film and television appearances, including leading roles in projects like “Red,” “English Second Language,” “Initiation,” “Fine Line,” “The Art of Compromise,” and “It’s All About the Money,” to mention a few. He also appeared on NBC Channel 4 news with reporter Rick Montanez at the Kobe Bryant memorial, on a Nintendo Switch Apex Legends commercial, a cameo on a special episode of Iyanla’s Fix My Life, and even won $500 as a contestant on Let’s Make A Deal. In addition, he became an online sensation after one of his features on the Ellen Degeneres Show gained over five million viewers on Instagram.

Apart from his appearances in indie films, Akeem also starred in multiple commercial roles. His most recent gig, and probably his favorite among them all, is his work with Barclays and Premier League. As a big soccer fan, the experience was nothing short of a dream come true for Akeem. His love for the club began after he watched the 2005 film “Goal,” in which he was inspired by lead actor and football player Santiago Munez’s story. In the movie, Santiago overcame many obstacles to pursue his dreams. Eventually, the player’s determination would help him overcome all odds. 

For actor and entertainer Akeem, this message would become a mantra. He shares how this experience would become pivotal in his career and pursuit of his love of acting. So when presented with the opportunity to work on a social media campaign with the club, the actor knew that this was not one he should pass. “My agent Sarah Angeli over at Commercial Talent Agency in Studio City submitted him for the Barclays/Premier League Social: #UpForThis project,” Akeem recalls. “She saw the opportunity being cast by Genuine Casting and knew I was a huge Newcastle United fan! She thought it was great for him to share his love for the team and the Premier League.”

Not long after, the social media campaign’s producer reached out to him about the role. A few days later, he cemented the deal with the involved parties and started filming for the campaign. The whole experience was what Akeem could ever hope for as an actor and a fan, and working with Arnold Worldwide and Genuine Casting made the entire experience extremely enjoyable. The project wrapped up on June 7th, and the finals came out. Once the videos hit the digital airwaves, Akeem felt an extreme sense of fulfillment and joy.

As an American actor, being a Barclays and Premier League fan puts one in scarce company. Yet, despite that reality, Akeem held on to his love for the team, even when he seemed to be the only person in his family who loved soccer. Today, the actor still pulls extreme gratitude from the fact that he has participated in his favorite sports club’s successful marketing campaigns. Furthermore, he hopes his story will inspire others to never give up on their passions and dreams, just as he did.

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