Shyla Day: Influencer and Activist

Globally recognized, Shyla Day is a social media influencer and international activist. She is known as an award-winning music artist, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author, which has led to awards and nominations in music, humanitarianism, social media, and entrepreneurship. Four of those nominations were for Entrepreneur of the Year and a win as a teenager for the All-American Small Business Championship. 

Day began her career as a teenager, performing with her guitar. It was then that she became her brand, touring full summers with a non-profit organization called “Tunes for Tots.” During this tour, she helped raise multiple seven figures for many causes. That was the moment Shyla Day became a well-known musician and humanitarian.

As a talented musician, she became the youngest performer to be nominated for the Los Angeles Music Awards for Female Singer-Songwriter. This platform allowed her to bring awareness to several important causes. She began by helping fund a dormitory in Uganda and supporting organizations like the Make a Wish Foundation. Day continued by giving her support to thousands of charitable organizations worldwide through her efforts using music and her social media platform as an influencer. Through her work, she was able to pass a bill for an emergency exit strategy that affected upwards of 2.1 million collegiate-level students in California.

Shyla is very passionate about sharing these efforts and encouraging others to become activists. That is why she led a talk on the TED platform with over 30 million subscribers, called “Music for Global Impact.” During her talk, she discussed unconventional humanitarian efforts.

This influencer’s humanitarian work was why she was awarded Humanitarian of the Year twice. She uses her voice and following to positively impact as many lives as she can. “Humans are incredible, but they also go through tough times,” says Day. “I advocate for humans because I am human. I choose to do this work through my music because if music can affect plants and animals, imagine how music can affect humans.”

Social media has given millions of individuals the possibility to share their voices, beliefs, and hopes. At times, it can have a negative connotation. However, Shyla Day has turned that around by using her platform and her large following to inspire others to care for the world and other human beings. Her work as an activist has helped several organizations across the globe, and we hope to keep seeing her caring nature expand to other individuals who join her in her efforts.

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