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Rising Gospel Musician Jimmy Mor on Making Music for a Younger Generation of Believers

Jimmy Mor is a self-reflective urban gospel artist from Philadelphia, PA. His style combines contemporary gospel, hip-hop, and R&B music with a flare of radio pop, featuring artists like V. Rose and J. Monty on some of his songs. 

Jimmy started off as a young songwriter with a love for hip-hop and R&B in the early 2000s, which influences his sound. His father taught him how to produce records at the age of 9, and he has gone on to produce multiple albums since, including Diary of a Broken Christian and the 2016 EP The Invitation

After working on his sound in Christian hip-hop for many years, Jimmy decided to come back to contemporary urban gospel with his new singles “Be Somebody” and “Change Me.”

Writing music with the intent to uplift and encourage, Jimmy Mor has focused on using music to minister the gospel in ways that directly speak to his generation. Millennials looking for young, fresh gospel should be excited about his new projects as he aims to help the genre grow.

“Gospel music doesn’t have to sound like one specific style. The cool thing about being a Christian artist is that you can carry the message of the gospel through many different styles of music. As long as our desire is to serve God by promoting a relationship with Him, it doesn’t have to sound traditional. It just has to be genuine,” Jimmy explains. 

His hope is to reach believers of his generation by making music that is sonically easy for them to vibe to but keeping the message of the gospel the same. 

You can find Jimmy Mor’s discography on Spotify and Apple Music. Learn more about Jimmy through his Instagram account and YouTube channel.

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