Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Rgb Returns with Colorful Summer Anthem ”Diamond Eyes”

Summer has officially begun, and welcoming it is rgb’s highly-anticipated single “Diamond Eyes.” Featuring the talented music artist Kid April, “Diamond Eyes” is a fantastic track to listen to and attach memories to under the blinding sun.

Before the release of his summer anthem, rgb was already no stranger to the music scene. A versatile young artist building a chart-topping discography, rgb is a playlist staple who first honed his craft as a child. Hailing from the Bay Area and Washington, DC, the talent cultivated an interest in auditory art by learning classical music through the piano.

He eventually transitioned into jazz in high school and other genres later on before cultivating a love for music production.

Although his debut was met with relative success, rgb found himself at a standstill. He knew there was a better sound out there, and he had to find it. So, he did. Retiring the alias “red green blue,” rgb spent the following years perfecting his craft and furthering his passion until he found his style.

The answer came from his childhood. Drawing from his experiences growing up and his unique exposure to both the East and West coasts of the United States allowed the young music artist to develop his signature sound.

Many artists over the years still represent the same town that they grew up in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it does present a bit of limitation. It is important for artists to expose themselves to new cultures and new cities. The world is a large place with endless inspiration to be found. 

This realization moved him to commit himself to unending exploration and endless growth – choosing his travels and unique experiences as his muse for his return to the music industry and debut as rgb.

Carrying his distinctive signature of suave and serenity, rgb officially launched a career in the industry with his 2021 New Year single “Moon Cheese.” The song’s refined beats have jumped across platforms, holding over 50,000 views and counting on popular music streaming platforms.

Continuing to enhance his blend of R&B, Alternative Hip Hop, Electronic, and Indie Rock, among other genres, with each song, rgb subsequently released the must-listen tracks “2 Much,” “Party at the Top,” “Petite Mort,” “Ghibli (Free My Soul),” “Norwegian Fjords,” and “Crystal Pool.”

Last July 4, rgb elevated his style and greeted the dazzling fireworks with a single. “Diamond Eyes” is a gift for his growing fanbase and a brilliant tune to follow in this heat. Appearing on the track alongside rgb is the underrated talent from Austin, Texas, Kid April.

The feature artist’s proficiency in shaping high-quality electronic and R&B music launched an unprecedented partnership with the rising rgb. Investing their passion and talents into a single song has molded “Diamond Eyes” into a no-skip track and a multi-genre piece that’s sure to serenade listeners not only this summer but in the seasons beyond. 

Welcome the summer season with “Diamond Eyes” featuring Kid April. Listen to rgb’s smooth discography and stay updated on his future releases on Spotify.


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