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Rap Artist Son of the 215 Strives to Expose the Philadelphia Rap Scene and Revive Hip-Hop to Its Purest Form

Philadelphia is known as The City of Brotherly Love, and its people are just as colorful as the streets. Chock full of talented residents, Son of the 215 is just one of the many musicians who live in Philadelphia and has helped paint the city with the sound of music. He has been using his music to bring the beauty of Philadelphia to the rest of the world.

Son of the 215 is a rapper who has been in the game since he was sixteen years old. Growing up, he was always surrounded by musicians from the local scene. The artist attributes Schoolly D and the Fresh Prince as his inspiration, both legends in the Philadelphia music scene. Since he was younger, Son has always loved performing. The artist has been joining talent shows in his youth as early as middle school. At some point, he joined a singing group called 3 Way.

Since then, Son of the 215 has been crafting his musical gift. Despite the beauty of the city of Philadelphia, its streets can also harbor some dark stories as all cities do. “90% of our raps are from pain,” revealed the lyricist. He has been pouring his pain into the papers and the stage where the audience can relate.

As an artist, Son creates original content. When he noticed that rap artists nowadays were copying the same styles from him and other artists, Son of the 215 created a song titled “Heavy” as a commentary on the lack of originality. In one of the verses, he says, “What happened to the art? Rappers just mumble when they stumble on the charts,” summarizing what listeners should expect when listening to his works. Son hopes to carry the tradition of hip-hop in its purest form.

When it comes to his music, Son of the 215 uses a combination of hip-hop filled with savvy bars. The music video for his song ‘Philebonics’ is a testament to his style, and the video tells a street tale, painting a realistic picture. Son’s most recent project is an album called ‘Veteran’s Day 2’ and comprises eleven tracks that cannot be skipped. The album is his best showcase to date as it gives new listeners a glimpse into his diverse range from raw hip-hop with an East Coast sound to the edgy street style that reality rap is usually known for. It has amassed over 100,000 streams on Spotify already. 

Since building a music career, Son of the 215 has established himself in the Philadelphia music scene. He is the underground artist of the year 2020 and has been distributed by Roc Nation. Son is also part of the Philadelphia Freeway Freedom Thinkers Academy. The young artist’s love for hip-hop has been a driving force in his career and has attributed his family as his inspiration. “I want my family to see me create something from muscle,” Son revealed. He hopes that along the line, his success will generate multiple businesses to help Philadelphia.

Learn more about Son of the 215 by visiting his official website. You can also get more updates on his latest tracks by following him on Instagram and Twitter.

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