Raeshaun Continues to Bring His A-Game With New Song “Middle”

We have all experienced being confused at some point. Some of us continue to get stuck in this particular situation, while an exceptional few turn this circumstance into something positive, allowing themselves to unlock their true potential and rise above. One such powerhouse who has transcended limitations, pushed boundaries, and exceeded expectations is Raeshaun, a quickly rising artist who is currently dominating the industry for his unparalleled abilities and creative flair.

Widely acclaimed across the music space, Raeshaun did not exactly begin his path as an artist. In fact, this emerging powerhouse finished a degree in commerce at the University of Toronto and worked as a certified public accountant in one of the world’s largest accounting firms, KPMG. While working as an accountant was challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable, Raeshaun decided to leave corporate America in order to fulfill his dreams of becoming an artist.

Hailing from the skyscraper-studded city of Toronto, Canada, Raeshaun always had an incredible affinity toward rhythm, beats, and lyrics. Ever since this multifaceted go-getter dipped his toes into the realms of music and entertainment, he has been gracing the industry with his talents, vision, and impressive discography. After a series of back-and-forths, Raeshaun decided to take a plunge, aggressively making a name for himself across a highly competitive space.

“I have always been passionate about music, and I do not mean the instrument-loving way. I unleash my passion for the craft by writing lyrics, humming beats, and creating songs that spoke directly from my heart,” shared the rising star.

Over the years, Raeshaun has been making waves across the industry for his distinctive artistry and stellar approach to music, slowly cementing a reputable stance across the trade. He managed to develop a particular style through the influence of his Caribbean household, enabling this potential powerhouse to capture the hearts of many listeners across the globe. “Growing up, every kid has their own thing. For me, it was music. Over time, this hobby turned into a passion that later influenced who I have become today,” said Raeshaun.

Unlike some artists, Raeshaun’s drive to succeed in the realms of music and entertainment lies beyond money-making pursuits. Some chase music for money or fame, while this multi-talented personality embraces the industry because of the way it makes him feel alive. “I literally get a physical sensation in my body whenever I perform, rap, or record,” he said. “It sends chills down my spine that I naturally crave for overtime,” he added.

At the core of this power player’s aggressive pursuit lies the ability to inspire others to chase who they really are and what they want to become. For years, Raeshaun has been living a life as a corporate accountant, pushing himself further away from his aspirations of becoming an artist. Many people are terrified to launch themselves on another path, but Raeshaun proves that the risk is worth it. As he recently released his single, “Middle,” he hopes to send across a powerful message of hope to aspirants worldwide.

With everything that Raeshaun has accomplished, he serves as an inspiration to many people who have become confused and frustrated in their paths. So long as one believes in themselves, success is within arm’s reach.

To know more about Raeshaun, you may visit his Instagram or Spotify account. Be sure to also stream “Middle” out now on all platforms.

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