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Oscar Owen: Bringing Magic To The 21st Century

Magic is an ancient art form that has captured the hearts of and minds of audiences since the beginning of mankind. From old Egyptian records in 2,700 B.C documenting magic tricks, to the modern day wizardry of Harry Potter; magic is a timeless craft that everyone enjoys watching. But how does one actually learn magic? How do you read minds, or put thoughts inside people’s heads? Well, that’s where Oscar Owen comes in. He is the number one magic coach in the world, and the man who reveals some of magic’s best kept secrets…

Who is Oscar Owen?

If you happened to walk past Oscar Owen on the streets of London, you might think that he is just another young man on his way to work. However, behind the fresh face and brown hair lies an accomplished magician who has flown around the world to perform magic at some of the biggest red carpet events and festivals on the planet.

Oscar discovered magic when he was just 12 years old, and has been obsessed with it ever since. Watching other magicians (such as David Blaine and Derren Brown) perform on television, inspired him to start practicing sleight of hand to captivate and amaze audiences. As Oscar’s skill in magic grew, so did his confidence and charisma. Soon, he found that he was getting invited to weddings, parties and events just so people could witness his magic. Fast forward to today, and Oscar Owen is one of the most sought-after celebrity magicians, and regularly performs for A list celebrities and billion dollar corporations. He also boasts a huge social media following of over 1 million people, has a #1 best selling magic book and was described by The Mail Online as being “one of the most influential magicians of the decade”. 

Oscar Owen’s YouTube Channel:

Since his initial brush with magic, Oscar Owen decided that he wanted to teach other people his craft. As such, he set up a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching beginner friendly magic tricks to anyone who wants to learn. He has been posting since 2016, and the channel now has over 100 million views and 800,000 subscribers. Oscar owes his success to the high-quality videos that he produces. Instead of just pumping out content each week (like most channels do), he only posts videos once a month. Doing so enables him to prescribe more attention to detail in each video, making them incredibly sharable and engaging. He also chooses his video titles carefully, revealing tricks that fooled the likes of Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. These innately interesting topics boost his viewership and when combined with his near-hollywood production quality, turn his videos into an unforgettable experience. 

Oscar Owen’s Book:

In November 2021, Owen put pen to paper and released his flagship book Mind Blowing Magic Tricks For Everyone. The book sold out almost instantly, becoming a bestseller that teaches readers over 50 incredible magic tricks that they can do with everyday objects. Some readers have described it as a ‘modern day classic’, because it brings magic into the 21st century. Each page has a unique QR code that takes the reader to a video performance of the magic trick. Its position as the #1 magic book on Amazon, alongside its publication in over 150 bookshops around the world, are testament to the quality and opportunity that this book has to offer.

Bringing Magic Into The 21st Century:

Above all else, Oscar has made it his mission to bring magic into the 21st century. Long gone are the days where you needed to join an exclusive magic club to learn the tricks of the trade.

Instead, Oscar has made magic free for anyone and everyone to learn, so long as they are willing to put the time into practice. As part of his love for the art, Oscar has created an elite training program on his website, where he transforms amatures into impressive magicians in less than 50 days, and gives them the tools to become a master magician like himself. 

I think it’s fair to say that we all need a little bit of magic in our lives, and that is what Oscar brings to the table. Through his teachings, he hopes to inspire the next generations of magicians. If you have access to a deck of cards and the internet, then you too can learn magic. So why not grab some cards, open up Oscar Owen Magic on YouTube, and start learning!

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