Odyssey Impact® Announces #MyJustice Film Contest Winners

The #MyJustice Film Contest (presented by Odyssey Impact & sponsored by MTV Entertainment Group) has announced its winners for the Global Competition. 

(New York, NY October 26, 2021) Odyssey Impact is proud to announce the 10 finalists and grand prize winner who will all have their films showcased in the Justice Film Festival in New York City in Spring 2022.  All finalists will receive $1,000.00 in cash prizes, with the grand prize winner receiving an additional $1,000.00 in matching funds from MTV Entertainment Group, and the top five finalists will receive a year-long mentorship with a veteran film industry professional.

Grand Prize Winner

Sadae Marie Hori (29)

Never Again 


Competition Winners


Maliha Tariq (30) & Ahmad Saleh (27) 



Michaela Kayal (22)

Addressing the Cliche


Kennis Keying Chen (27) 

命運 Destiny


Jose Flores-Jimenez (18)

In the End, Ascend 


Jennifer Giardina (22)

 It All Starts at Home 


Emily Elizabeth Fisihetau (30)

Safety for Babies


Olivia Sarah Rotter (20)

The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom



Victoria Duncan (27)

The World Today 


Justice Khor (28)

Uncle Joe 

“Odyssey Impact is delighted to announce the winners of its #MyJustice Film Contest. Our staff and contest jury were incredibly impressed by the winners’ passion for social justice and their storytelling skills. These young changemakers used their artistic talents to spotlight a range of pressing social issues impacting their communities, and we are thrilled that the #MyJustice Film Contest could provide our winners with mentorship, financial support, and exposure. Odyssey Impact hopes that this opportunity supports their future careers in the arts, and we are excited to help pave the way for these new, unique voices to enter the documentary film industry. We have no doubt that they will inspire long-lasting change in their communities and beyond,” said Jenise Ogle, Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Multicultural Impact at Odyssey Impact

“Never Again is about the importance of keeping an open dialogue in our communities about race and racism. It is easy to shut out people with opposing viewpoints on social media by ‘unfollowing’ them, but my fear is that in doing so, we stop having these vital conversations.  The #MyJustice Film Contest has inspired me to use my voice and activism through film. My hope is to encourage these discussions in person to proactively create real change in our communities,” said Sadae Marie Hori, competition winner.

About Odyssey Impact®

Odyssey Impact drives social change through innovative storytelling and media, connecting faith and secular communities. Stories, when presented correctly, can shift perspectives, build bridges, and foster empathy. Nobody understands that better than Odyssey Impact. For over 30 years, we have worked with a diverse array of communities and stakeholders to move the world forward using documentary film. 

For more information visit: https://www.odyssey-impact.org/

CONNECT:  https://www.odyssey-impact.org/myjustice-contest

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