NY Weekly’s 10 Females of 2021

When people say, “The future is female,” they sure weren’t kidding. Women have been making tremendous contributions across many industries; the achievements of some were even deemed impossible until everyone saw that such visions could be translated into realities. Be it in the entertainment industry, literature, technology, business, or entrepreneurship, women across the globe have taken great strides to raise their banner. Gone are the days when women were reduced to the function of being homemakers alone. The world has evolved to an era that embraces the idea that females can be changemakers, industry leaders, and innovators. Many women are rising to create a better world for everyone with their own contributions, and here are the top 10 females on our list to watch in 2021.

1. Beyoncé

Photo courtesy: Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was born on September 4, 1981, in Houston, Texas. She is a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning recording artist and the first female artist in music history to debut and land the number one spot on Billboard’s 200 with her first five studio albums. Her self-titled fifth studio album became the fastest-selling album distributed by iTunes, selling over 80,000 copies in less than three hours. Beyoncé first captivated music lovers with her voice as the lead vocalist of the famous R&B group Destiny’s Child. Eventually, she took off to build an independent music career, launching her debut album called Dangerously in Love in 2003. Since then, the female artist has become one of the strongest personalities in the music industry, building a legacy through various solo hits and performances in multiple avenues, including Coachella and Disney’s The Lion King. Beyoncé is married to Jay-Z with their three children, Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi Carter. 

Website: www.beyonce.com

2. Berblan

Berblan is a fifteen-year-old powerhouse from Dallas, Texas, who has been developing skills in piano, violin, dance, and visual arts since a very  young age. Placing well in competitions for her crafts, Berblan’s hard work has paid off. In addition to these talents. Berblan is also a member of the US Figure Skating organization. 

At her school, John Paul II High School, Berblan is committed to serving as student council secretary and managing her class’s Instagram page. Recently, she has been working on songwriting and developing her singing voice, ukulele, and electric guitar playing. In February of this year, she released another of her original songs, “Dear God Above.” It’s on all digital platforms and on YouTube, and she plans to deliver plenty of more content as she progresses. Berblan’s goal is to spread positivity and show people that anything can be accomplished with hard work.

Instagram: @berblan

Twitter: @Berblann

Website: www.berblan.com

3. Dame Nicola Smith Jackson

Dame Nicola Smith Jackson is a multi-million dollar business leader, speaker, author, trainer and founder of Pink Millionaire Club. She has over twenty-five years of financial and entrepreneurial experience that she uses to connect the dots between the haves and have nots. Nicola has achieved many notable accolades, including becoming a certified coach through The John Maxwell team and Wainwright Global. She has been mentored by some of the best leaders in the world, including Dr. Myles Munroe and is a platinum partner with Tony Robbins. She was inducted in the Million Dollar Hall of Fame as one of the Top Female Network Marketers in the World. She has effectively spearheaded over 450,000 sales representations from 30 countries throughout her career.

Nicola is the founder of the Pink Millionaire Club, a community of women aiming to impact their respective industries while simultaneously acing self-care and fulfilling their roles in their families. She is also the creator of The Money Mansion, a financial ascension blueprint where individuals can learn how to build a solid financial house that multiplies money. It also helps one develop financial intelligence so they can manage and grow their resources using recession-proof strategies. This female magnate has been featured across national publications and platforms. She also shares her innovative ideas to other aspiring entrepreneurs through her five-star daily podcast, Power Start Your Day, which currently has over 1,100 episodes to date. 

Website: www.nicolasmithjackson.com

4. Ava Kaufman

The last day of Ava Babbin Kaufman was also the first day of her life. Ava had been to NYU, was a backup dancer for Gloria Gaynor, was married with a successful business—she had it all going for her. And then she died. She got a heart transplant on her fifty-ninth birthday and slipped into a coma for two months. By the time she woke up, her picture-perfect life was all gone, with no husband, home, or business. However, she still had her daughter and got a new chance at life.

Since then, she has learned much about the transplant community. Without post-transplant housing near the transplant center, you cannot get listed for an organ. Ava was shocked by this and decided that she was going to change things. Through Ava’s Heart, they provide no-cost post-transplant housing for those who cannot afford it, saving lives in the process. 

For more information, visit www.avasheart.org 

Website: www.avasheart.org 

5. Linda Washington

Linda Washington is a rising R&B artist whose primary mission is to spread love through music. Her goal is to use her voice to encourage her listeners in their journey towards self-love. Love is also the most significant factor that fuels her story, from her battle with breast cancer and the challenge of reentering the dating scene after months of struggling with self-esteem, self-belief, and self-worth. 

After the massive success of her first single called “Love Again,” she proudly announces the release of her second single “Need Love,” featuring the music superstar Lamar. Linda sets herself apart because of the way she merges her sultry sound with upbeat rhythms, all while delivering impactful and masterfully written lyrics. Besides being one of the strongest artists in today’s music scene, Linda is also thriving as a mother of four children, a healthcare worker, and author of Forbidden and Broken: Finding Love Behind the Scars

Instagram: @linlw200357

Facebook: Linda Washington

Twitter: @lin2003

6. Leikyn Bravo

Leikyn Bravo is a 23-year-old Chicago-based singer and songwriter. This year, she debuted her solo album Song You’ll Never Hear. Her music has connected with audiences worldwide within a matter of days. Previously, she finished her four-year undergrad program in just two years at Berklee College of Music and graduated summa cum laude. In her lifetime, she has worked as a professional dancer, runway model, Broadway Chicago actress, and has shared her music in over forty-five countries and six continents. She is the proud CEO of two startups and hopes to inspire other women to not only dream big but to chase after their dreams too. Leikyn is set to release several music videos in the upcoming year and possibly an additional EP.

Instagram: @lookingforleikyn

Facebook: Leikyn Bravo

Spotify: Leikyn Bravo

Website: www.leikynbravo.com

YouTube: Leikyn Bravo

7. Lisa Kastner

Lisa Diane Kastner was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, one of the most dangerous cities in America. In high school, she was a dancer and co-host on Dance Party USA, a syndicated television show on the USA Network. At the age of twenty, she came home to find her house had burned down, and she was suddenly homeless. She spent the next several years rebuilding by working and going to school full-time to obtain her bachelor’s degree, MBA, and MFA. 

While fulfilling an amazing corporate career in which she transformed organizations through technology and process, she began Running Wild LLC, which consists of Running Wild Press, which publishes great stories with great writing that don’t fit neatly in a box, and RIZE, which publishes great genre stories written by people of color and other underrepresented groups. Running Wild has been honored with two Best of 2019 and two Best of 2020 books according to Kirkus Reviews as well as several starred reviews and additional acclaim. Lisa was named to Yahoo! Finance’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021 and nominated for FORBES NEXT 1000, a list of American self funded entrepreneurs who continue to strive during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Website: www.runningwildpress.com


8. Tamairo Moutry

Tamairo Moutry, is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a CEO/real estate broker who owns and operates four virtual real estate companies in Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, and Florida. She’s also the proud owner of a popular Facebook group called Top Women in Real Estate. Tamairo teaches, coaches, trains, and mentors realtors and real estate  investors. Tamairo specializes in many different aspects of  real estate, which include residential/commercial sales and  listings, real estate investing, private mortgage lending,  luxury real estate, new construction, and real estate development. 

Tamairo is also a private mortgage lender, a real estate investor, landlord, a real estate developer, and is also a Wisconsin real estate instructor. Tamairo’s brokerages have one-stop-shop concierge services for out-of-state real estate investors. Tamairo assists investors with the acquisition, funding, property management, and rehab projects.

Facebook: Top Women in Real Estate; Tamairo Moutry

Website: www.georgiasbestrealestate.com; www.showingnew.com/tamairomoutrysellshomes 


9. Jasmine Crowe

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jasmine Crowe is the game-changer innovator championing people and the environment. A highly-acclaimed social entrepreneur, Jasmine is the founder and CEO of Goodr, a company that provides a “triple-win solution” that combats hunger, financial decline, and unnecessary waste.

Her impact led her to numerous stages throughout the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Haiti. Under her venture’s mission to “feed more, waste less,” Jasmine Crowe has donated millions of collected items to those in need. She has also fed hundreds of thousands through her foundation’s feeding initiatives.

“I believe everybody deserves to eat,” she shared. This core belief continues to drive Jasmine to starving neighborhoods and further her influence, whether as the woman behind Goodr or an award-winning TED speaker. 

Twitter: @jasminecrowe 

Official website: www.goodr.co  


10. Lisa Skeete Tatum

Lisa Skeete Tatum is the leading entrepreneur, engineer, venture capitalist, and CEO behind the technology platform Landit. Before establishing her company, Lisa graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

While attending the latter institution, Lisa met the Landit co-founder Sheila Marcelo and decided to develop a system designed to welcome progressive change in the workplace. 

Based in New York and held as a “one-size-fits-one career pathing platform,” Landit increases chances of hiring and promotion for women and individuals within diverse groups by leveraging an algorithm that introduces their talents toward searching companies. 

Under Lisa Skeete Tatum’s management, the venture is lauded as a phenomenal catalyst in shaping and improving the landscape of today’s work environment.

Twitter: @lisaskeetetatum

Official website: www.landit.com

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