NGB LOS Giving Music Fans in New Jersey Something New to Enjoy

Fresh sounds have arrived in New Jersey with the arrival and dominance of NGB LOS, who started making waves two years ago. With his heavily touted projects titled “Lost Soul” and “Lost Soul 2,” which features other members of the NGB crew, NGB LOS is an artist worth watching out for. Even though he’s still trying to gain a firm footing in the music industry, LOS has proven his musical ingenuity with how he makes music. He’s characterized by the new sound he brings to the industry and the emotions bared in his lyrics.

NGB LOS is so passionate about his music that he talks a lot about struggles in his career and his goal of becoming a successful artist. The pain and emotions are evident in his lyrics, and his audience can relate to them as they convey pain and emotions. His target audience includes real hip-hop fans and lovers of quality music who understand what it means to go through challenges, struggles, and pain.

As a new artist, NGB LOS’s hunger and drive are second to none, and his background story mostly fuels that drive. Success is the ultimate for him, and he believes strongly that putting in the work is the only means to that end. His ability to put together a powerful and impactful song promptly makes him a top choice for many music fans in New Jersey. Currently, his fan base is snowballing, and it is exactly how NGB LOS pictured his career growth. He also prides himself on his ability to create music straight from his head without writing it first. “Freestyling is one of my favorite things to do. It puts you in control and the rush you get when you see the number of people waiting to see what you come up with next. I enjoy it, and that’s the process of most of my songs,” he says.

NGB LOS’s motivation comes from all around him, especially the music crew he belongs to. NGB is home to many talented artists and individuals who all crave success badly. This alone pushes LOS to keep working harder now that he’s in the spotlight. “If one person from the crew wins, then we all win. I want to take full advantage of the opportunity I have now, blow up with my music and help other people in the crew grow.

LOS’s five-year goal is to break into the list of A-list musicians in the United States. He wants to be in conversations about the hottest artists while getting award nominations and winning his categories. Considering where he came from, NGB LOS is at a point where he believes he has grown tremendously. He’s living his dreams and hopes that the next few years will be good enough to inspire upcoming artists to stick to their dreams and never give up. His two projects, “Lost Soul” and “Lost Soul 2,” are streaming at the moment on all digital streaming platforms.

Learn more about NGB LOS on his official Instagram.


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