Nayan Raj Panday on Hopes of Giving a Spotlight to Nepali Films and Securing a Position in the Limelight

An innumerable combination of factors can serve as the driving force behind people’s all-out approach toward establishing a name in their target fields. For some, the vision of a future where they don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck is a strong motivator, while others draw strength from being able to pursue their passion. In the case of rising actor Nayan Raj Panday, several overarching goals stand at the heart of his initiatives. Not only is he setting his eyes on securing a spot at the forefront of the entertainment industry, but he’s also hoping to shed light on the caliber of Nepali films. 

Originally hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal, Nayan Raj Panday is a purpose-driven talent whose passion for acting has propelled him to incredible heights in life. Unlike the countless number of people who had to explore different careers and expose themselves to a wealth of experiences before deciding what road to follow, the Texas-based go-getter has always known that acting would be in his future. His deep-seated love for and dedication to the craft rest as the reason behind his decision to take up theatrical acting at Northwest Missouri State University and continue to fuel all of his strategic moves in the world of films. 

After moving away from the four walls of the classroom, Nayan Raj Panday started expanding his portfolio by working in the Nepali film scene. Over the years, he’s acted in several short films, including Bholi Dekhi Chhodi Dinchhu, Karma, Timi ra Ma, Kuri Rakha La, and more. In the process, he managed to stand out and capture the viewers’ hearts for his versatility, debonair appearance, and set of skills. 

Apart from his acting chops, Nayan Raj Panday is also recognized for his ability to transfer into paper the universes and characters in his head. A writer of his own short films, he’s credited for the impressive script of the movies Karma, Kuri Rakha La, and Sabda

Today, the multi-talented personality brings to the table not only the strengths that helped him explode into the scene and snag numerous nominations under his belt but also the long-held dream of bagging an Oscar for the Nepali film industry. On top of giving a spotlight on the amount of talent that exists in that particular space, Nayan Raj Panday aims to bridge the gap between the international and Nepali film industries. 

Given his massive potential, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nayan Raj Panday successfully translates into reality the vision of seeing himself on Netflix in the years to come. As he keeps carving a road toward the summit, more can be expected from this promising figure. But regardless of what the future may look like, he plans to remain consistent in sending powerful messages of hope and encouragement to aspirants all over the globe.

Learn more about Nayan Raj Panday by visiting his website and checking out his Instagram page.

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