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Musician-Turned-Entrepreneur Meet Kalah O Bishop – A Woman of Action

Life is given once, and the opportunity to make the most out of it is also given once. Humans are mentally prepared from their early years to choose the right path and make the correct career choice to not fail at life. Stereotyping people and inculcating in their minds that they can excel in only a single thing limits their ability to do more. Breaking the norm and doing much more than his capacity is Kalah O Bishop, also known as Kalah Bishop. She is a full-time singer and rapper who turned into an entrepreneur and owned two flourishing companies.

Kalah O Bishop, rightly called a “Woman of Action,” has been audacious and courageous with her career choices. The larger-than-life personality does not believe in confining herself to just music. To explore her talent and skills, she dived into the market and made herself an entrepreneur, starting with one company at first. As soon as she received positive feedback for her decision, she immediately launched her second venture. Today, the Give It Up rapper has established her name in two large communities, music and business, and has proven herself to be versatile.

Humble Beginnings Lead to Renowned Names 

Every great musician, actor, or business person today, belonged to a mediocre background. But it is their dreams that motivated them to be consistent and achieve their goals to live a not-so-mediocre life. With their talent and passion, they were able to turn around their testing times and are now living a high life. Similar is the case of Kalah O Bishop; she was born in Buffalo, New York, to Otis Bishop and Michelle Bailey. She grew up with supportive parents who respected her dreams and motivated her to pursue them. Bishop received her education from GED in 2005. She completed her college in nursing at Trocaire College in Buffalo, New York. 

Since her passion was music was there from her early days, it was clear that Kalah would pursue music as her career. She religiously practiced singing and rapping without a gap, updated her musical skills with time. Kalah O Bishop entered the industry in 2019 with her debut “Release My Soul.” The album was well-received by the audience, which led to the release of her sensational track Give it Up, released in 2020 from her second album “Success Is Revenge.” This track was created with Beanie Siegel, a former label mate with JayZ. Managed by Davette Patton, Kalah O Bishop has an appealing voice that lures the audience and keeps them entertained. She has worked with international stars and big names such as Lil Chuckee, a former label mate with Lil Wayne. Kalah collaborated with Lil Chuckee and gave the audience Die Alone, another masterpiece by the exceptional rapper. Now that Kalah had made her position in the music industry and had stabilized herself, she was ready to explore the other of her personality.

Being a creative and curious individual, Bishop was hugely inspired by entrepreneurs and people in business who gave it their all to build their businesses. She wanted to do something similar and so took the bold decision to start her venture. The back-to-back hits had made her confident about herself and her vision. Kalah O Bishop single-handedly launched “Krazy Wavy Entertainment,” a record label that kept her close to music and helped her touch business as well. With her record label, she signed herself, Devilish Angel, and Skrillah Santana. Her record label has already released hit tracks and is on its way to becoming the next big thing. 

In addition to her record label, Kalah also owns a clothing line called “Humble High Horse.” Her clothing line, just like her dynamic personality, has a variety of extravagant clothes. Her clothes were endorsed by Daniel Smith, Salonge Knowles ex-husband, who attended Kalah’s performance and also wore Kalah’s exclusive Humble High Horse shirt. 

Kalah O Bishop’s aim in life is to be able to elevate as many people as possible. She wishes to show them that it isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning. As a laid-back, sarcastic, business-oriented, serious, and witty person, her ultimate goal in life is to be happy. Bishop says, “happiness is a man’s greatest success, and success is a man’s greatest revenge.

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