Match A Serena Williams-Inspired Ballet Performance by BSF
Photo Courtesy: / Skylar Brandt

Match: A Serena Williams-Inspired Ballet Performance by BSF

Tiler Peck, Principal Dancer and Choreographer at New York City Ballet will introduce Match, a pas de deux inspired by tennis legend Serena Williams. This piece will be performed by Skylar Brandt, Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre, and Breeanna Palmer, a trainee from Joffrey Ballet School NYC. Commissioned by the Ballet Support Foundation (BSF), a nonprofit organization that supports dancers and produces dance projects worldwide, Match seeks to honor and showcase diverse talent within the dance community.

Founder and Producer Lola Abigail Koch stated that the Ballet Support Foundation’s mission is to elevate talent by providing growth opportunities and a stage for showcasing their abilities. She highlighted Serena Williams as a source of inspiration not only for tennis enthusiasts but also for athletes and women worldwide, including ballet dancers. Koch emphasized that BSF aims to make ballet more inclusive and accessible to a broader audience. Hence, the performance ‘Match’ focuses on Serena Williams.

Match A Serena Williams-Inspired Ballet Performance by BSF
Photo Courtesy: @lolakochny

“A dance about tennis is super cool. A dance dedicated to me, wow. I am lost for words. I have always loved dance, ballet in particular. It was a big part of my life growing up. I can’t wait to see how it turns out,” said Serena.

Match will premiere as part of Jean-Hugues Feray’s Paris Ballet and Dance Spring Performance Series at the Kravis Center for Performing Arts in West Palm Beach on June 2nd, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. The series will feature selections from well-known ballets, including the Don Quixote Suite, excerpts from The Sleeping Beauty, La Esmeralda pas de deux, Flames of Paris pas de deux, and the Le Talisman variation.

About Ballet Support Foundation

Founded by former ballerina Lola Abigail Koch, the Ballet Support Foundation (BSF) is a nonprofit organization created to support talented ballet students, professional dancers, and dance projects internationally. Since 2020, BSF has been promoting and developing dance careers, connecting dancers with teachers, choreographers, schools, and companies, and providing masterclasses, workshops, and intensive training.

BSF held their Holiday Season with Ballet Stars Gala in December 2023 at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Performances featured renowned ballet stars such as Natalia Osipova (Principal Dancer at Royal Ballet), Mathieu Ganio (Paris Opera Ballet), Ludmila Pagliero (Paris Opera Ballet), and Christine Shevchenko (Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre).

To learn more, please visit BSF’s website at

About Paris Ballet and Dance

Paris Ballet and Dance, founded in 2009 by former principal dancer Jean-Hugues Feray, offers world-class training in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance, attracting students from areas such as Vero Beach, Lake Worth Beach, and Wellington. It also hosts Paris Ballet America, a prestigious nonprofit program for students aspiring to professional dance careers.

A diverse group of Miami bloggers and influencers, such as Edgar Entertainment, Dasha Mart, Laura Ramos, Veronica Suppa, and others, are backing the event. These influencers contribute their unique perspectives and extensive reach, creating an engaging and vibrant experience for everyone involved. Their involvement highlights the community’s enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring the event’s success.

For more details, please check their website at

Rehearsals for Match will take place in New York City. Press inquiries can be directed to Jonathan Marder and Company. Reach out to Eve Hodgkinson at or call 917.309.0808.

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