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Macntaj Teams Up with Stackztharapper in Upcoming Song, “Stepped On” to Premier on Thizzler

Following the release of his debut album, Big Bloc Meign, Macntaj is on to newer things and is set to drop a new song titled “Stepped On”. The song features Stackztharapper and will premiere on Thizzler.

The Seattle rapper has had an eventful year with the announcement of his new deal with Bloc Star Evolution and the release of his album. He is now taking full-fledged steps toward establishing himself as an influential rapper and musician to look out for. Growing up in Sacramento in a single-parent household with a brother who related to him on a tough level, Macntaj is no stranger to dealing with odds and beating them. He started fending for himself at a young age and has imbibed the mindset of never settling for less from an early point in his life.

Macntaj has survived all forms of trauma, violence, torment, and benign neglect; but he has remained focused on achieving his dreams and becoming a better person beyond his life’s circumstances. He has always found adapting and conforming to his environment or circumstances as his strongest suits. Despite finding it hard to fit into the formal education environment, the thought of what he had to lose made him sit up, fix himself up, and pay the price which gave him a shot at getting into the industries he did before he got into music.

From dropping out of high school to getting his GED and working as a cashier at Walmart, Macntaj has risen through the ranks in multiple spheres and proven his mettle as the type of person who sees things through to the end. He worked in the refinance industry for a while, traded stores and became a certified securities broker before switching to music full-time. It has always been about quality music for Macntaj, which explains why his upcoming song features Stackztharapper. Macntaj is all about cementing his name as one of the best rappers to represent Seattle so he never settles for less in his choice of songs to be released.

While the world and his fans await the release of the song, Macntaj is basking in the success of his last album, Big Bloc Mein, which made it into the top #10 Hip-hop albums in the United States a week ago. “I feel blessed to be here and to be receiving this level of support from people close to me and those I don’t know. Despite the many ups and downs, I’m glad to have people in my corner rooting for me heavily,” the rapper said.

Macntaj hopes his hardcore fans will stream his new song when it drops on Thizzler and enjoy the new music. He wants his growth as an artist to get to the point where he can influence and inspire his audience to do things that will improve their lives.

Learn more about Macntaj on his official website and watch out for the release of his new song “Stepped On” featuring Stackztharapper on Thizzler.

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