Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Linda Washington Inspires Fellow Cancer Survivors Through Strength of Survivors

Each person deals with adversity differently. Some try to find humor amidst their struggles, while others make peace with their situation. But the amazing Linda Washington chose to productively channel her pain and turn it into power by creating Strength of Survivors, an outstanding platform that aims to provide much-needed support to cancer survivors as they continue on their journey to healing. 

What motivated the exceptional woman to build such an intuitive brand was her firsthand experience with rejection and abuse. As someone who had successfully conquered cancer, Linda initially thought her suffering was finally over. However, she quickly learned that society could be ruthless and cold-hearted. “Being beaten every day and being told I was nothing and that no one would ever want me because I wasn’t a real woman anymore, that scarred my soul that I stayed a distance from everybody. I felt very unattractive and started to believe what was told to me,” she wistfully recalled.

Nevertheless, she persevered and eventually decided to become a beacon of hope and inspiration for her peers who may be going through a similar journey. She insightfully explained, “No matter how badly I wanted to give up, I knew in my heart I didn’t want anyone else to live the nightmare I had to endure. Taking back one’s life when you feel lost and alone because no one cares about what happened to breast cancer survivors. We are human and didn’t ask for this disease, but we beat it, and we shouldn’t have to live in shame and feel invisible.”

 Aside from her incredible efforts through Strength of Survivors, the creative individual also shares her story through various mediums, including songs that inspire and uplift. Recently, she dropped her latest single, “Forever,” featuring Superstar Lamar.

Moving forward, Linda Washington intends to continue spreading her advocacies and story to the world. In fact, she is preparing to release her upcoming book Breathe and will also be launching a new talk show where she shares her experiences after battling breast cancer.

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