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Julie Ann Weiler Releases Hopeful New Single, “Something Gets Me”

Julie Ann Weiler
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San Diego-based singer-songwriter Julie Ann Weiler has released a new single, “Something Gets Me,” which speaks to the fusion of love between both worlds, crossing over physical bonds and entering that of the eternal. With lyrics rising from a place of pain and burgeoning out into a message of hope, “Something Gets Me” is an artfully produced pop composition that begins with pensive piano and moves into a rousing ballad brought to life by a full orchestra.

For Julie Ann, “Something Gets Me” is the culmination of her lifelong dream to write songs that will touch hearts and have a positive impact in some way. Born into a traveling musical missionary family and often sharing a motorhome or van with her parents and four siblings, Julie Ann witnessed her songwriting father randomly waking up in the middle of the night to mumble words and melody into his mini Casio Recorder to later turn into a song. She knew right away that she wanted this magic for herself and began writing songs at the age of 10.

Julie Ann’s journey has taken her across the U.S., Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, performing for audiences ranging from orphanages and homeless shelters to restaurants, a local channel’s morning TV show, a ballroom of dignitaries, and even the White House lawn on Easter Sunday. Despite pursuing a career in the music industry and recording an EP in Nashville, Julie Ann made the decision to step back from her music career to raise her family and build a family business in the special events industry.

Now, with her own daughters pursuing their own artistry in the form of musical theater, Julie Ann felt an awakening deep within her heart. She recommitted herself to sharing her songs and her story with others, despite the stigma that in order to be relevant in the music industry, one needs to be under 21 and unattached. Within days of this decision, a producer friend she hadn’t heard from in years reached out from faraway New Zealand saying, “I think the world needs another Julie album, what do you say?”

Julie Ann said yes and recorded 2 singles remotely due to the pandemic before joining her friend in Texas to record 12 original songs in 2022. “Something Gets Me” is the first of this batch of songs to be released, and it showcases Julie Ann’s passion for creating meaningful music that connects with the listener on a personal level. Through her music, Julie Ann hopes to encourage others who may be in a place in life where they’re questioning their purpose and what will truly fulfill them. She says that remembering your dreams, however deeply buried they may be, and letting yourself feel worthy of pursuing them can encourage more self-love, which combined with faith and hard work, can lend to those dreams coming true.

Fans can follow Weiler’s musical journey on her website, as well as on Instagram and Facebook @julieannweilermusic. You may listen to her latest release on Spotify.

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