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Jo Rhomeo; a man with a euphonious sound

A voice both heavy and hoarse, crispy and low, energetic and smooth, combinations that allow us to sway to his music.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. Life is essentially a cheat, and its conditions are those of defeat; the redeeming things are not happiness and pleasure but the deeper satisfactions that come out of one’s struggle.

Everyone has faced difficulties in achieving their goals, obstacles that have no time frame however, once overcome the world is seen through a newer light. Once a wise man said, “an inspiring story remains an inspiring story” and here we have one; Leonilson De Jesus Antonio, professionally known as Jo Rhomeo. Raised in the UK, Jo Rhomeo was born in Angola, a country that has given us top artists such as Bonga and Paulo Flores.

His journey has been a big inspiration, especially to the people of his motherland, he has worked tremendously hard to get to where he is. This isn’t the end however, Mr. Rhomeo believes more obstacles are yet to be faced and has bigger dreams to achieve. And he is currently working hard to be a that successful person, to finally reach a position he can turn back and smile to, to one day smile at the setbacks that will one day be a mere memory.

As a child, a young Mr Rhomeo did everything possible to keep his dream alive, singing was most definitely his number one passion. His favorite childhood memory is singing in front of his whole school, his first audience, getting a feel of what was yet to come.

“Winners embrace hard work. They love the discipline of it, the trade-off they are making to win. Losers, on the other hand, see it as punishment. And that’s the difference” a statement by Lou Holtz is one Mr. Rhomeo resonates with, from where he is currently standing all his failures were seen as tests, tests he wished to pass. His final score? Finally passing!

From where he started to where he is now Mr. Rhomeo is the face of success, for his fans, his family, and friends. An individual who faced many challenges to make it to where he is today, a man who will never forget his background. He believes that he carries his strength on his shoulders but admits his weakness is opening up to everyone.

“I have always been a very affectionate person and I give myself easily to people, trusting them and opening up to them and I have realized it’s almost made me a prisoner. And the Majority of the time this is through my experiences in past relationships” says Mr. Rhomeo.

His inspirations range from Michael Jackson to The Weekend but his biggest inspiration in starting his career is his mother and grandmother, two women who believed in his talents and made sure he knew that too.

In his spare time Mr. Rhomeo finds himself writing and making music, he enjoys challenging himself with new concepts and finding his vibe. Besides music he loves a good game of football, the singer is a big supporter of Real Madrid.

He wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for his fans, he knows the grounds he walks on and the people he meets are because of the love and support his fans have given him. Almost paving the way for him and allowing his dreams to become a reality. He wants to thank every single one of them for believing in him, he will forever be in debt to their love and support.

Jo Rhomeo aims to show the world his art, he aims to achieve higher and have his voice heard but most importantly spread his positive messages through his music, all found on his YouTube channel “joRhomeo “.

His achievements are often attributed to his carefree outlook on life and his desire to follow his passion. He wants his audience to enjoy his songs and his fans to relate to his lyrics and, most importantly, put a smile on your face and have you follow your heart, dreams, and passion.

Mr. Rhomeo has been working tirelessly on his second album “Prisoner of Affection” which he hopes to release this year after working on it for the past two years. The album will contain a total of 13 songs ranging from Pop and RnB – Mr. Rhomeo has one message that he wants to share with his fans through this new album and that is to face the reality in which we try to escape, to come to terms with the truth.

Keep a positive and creative mindset and one day you are going to see a world you always dreamt of. Keep your vibes up!

 Draft By:- Kainat Asghar

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