Hips Don't Lie Dance Company 5 Styles in One Performance
Photo Courtesy: Lyana Khatatba

Hips Don’t Lie Dance Company Presents a Unique Solution for Your Party in the USA – 5 Different Styles in One Performance

By: Hips Don’t Lie Dance Company

Hips Don’t Lie Dance Company invites all their fans and friends to organize an unforgettable event that will change the way they think about dance. Hips Don’t Lie Dance Company impresses with its professionalism and unsurpassed talent. The company, located in the heart of the USA, offers an extraordinary opportunity – five different styles of dance in one exciting show for the price of one.

April 10, 2024

What could be better than wowing your guests with a unique dance experience at your party or special event? Hips Don’t Lie Dance Company has long been an impeccable leader in the world of dance, and they are proud to present their newest offering that will definitely enchant you.

You will be able to enjoy a performance that combines the energy and skills of five different dance styles. They will amaze your guests with a combination of performances from different cultures and traditions. The elegance of jazz, the sophistication of ballet, the energy of salsa, the fun of samba and the femininity of belly dancing – their professional dancers will combine your favorite styles into one unbeatable show.

The team of dancers consists of graduates of renowned dance academies with many years of experience in performance and art. For more than a decade, Hips Don’t Lie has been successfully hosting over 400 family and large-scale parties annually across the United States and Canada. They guarantee that every performance will be at high levels of skill and energy to make your event unforgettable for every guest. 

This professional and unique dance team was created by the owner of Hips Don’t Lie, Lyana Khatatba. Hips Don’t Lie has succeeded because of her creativity, innate talent, and dedication to dance. Lyana is not only the founder but also the artistic director, costume designer and choreographer. She brings her 12 years of experience as a student of the Baku Ballet Academy to every stage of Hips Don’t Lie activities and achieves high-quality performances. Repeated victories in Latin American and Standard dances, performances at the largest venues in Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan allowed Lyana Khatatba to gain a unique experience that she passes on to all Hips Don’t Lie dancers every day.

“Our performance is about energy and cultural diversity that will captivate your audience. We don’t just dance; we create a moment that will stay with you forever! And these are not just empty words because our professionalism and dedication to dance are proven by our vast experience and a huge number of positive reviews from guests from many US states and parts of Canada. We are proud of this because it is you who consider us the best,” comments Lyana Khatatba, owner of Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co.

The company strives to exceed all of its client’s expectations and make every performance unforgettable for its guests. Their mission is to inspire through the art of dance, doing their best to make every moment of the shows special. An excellent rating is their constant goal and a reason for pride because every review is important. Here are the words of gratitude Lyana Khatatba received after organizing a recent New Year’s Eve party in the United States:

“I don’t usually write reviews, but I can’t contain my emotions right now. You know how worried I was about this party. But I’m happy that I turned to you, Lyana. You exceeded my expectations. The attentiveness of your dancers, their amazing costumes and movements were just super. And the decision to unite all my relatives with samba and disco brought me to tears. I have never seen parents and children so happy at the same time!”

When you book five or more dancers from Hips Don’t Lie, you will get a free fireworks show that will add a special sparkle to your event.

Don’t waste your time! Book your event now, or contact Hips Don’t Lie to learn more about their services and capabilities. Visit their website at https://hipsdontlie.com or call them at the number below:

Lyana Khatatba (Artistic Director)

Phone: (+1) 773-370-6964


Published by: Martin De Juan

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