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Get to Know KhaosTalks: The Man Behind the The Microphone

If you’re an avid follower of internet culture, you’ve probably already heard the name KhaosTalks floating around the social media stratosphere. But who exactly is KhaosTalks, and how did he become one of the most sought after personalities in the online entertainment industry? If you want to get to know Ka’Juan Hill, aka KhaosTalks, here are some things you should know about him. […]


What inspired him to start #Khaostalks?


KhaosTalks is an up-and-coming multimedia journalist and media personality from Detroit MI currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Khaostalks also known as Ka’Juan Hill. He is a graduate of Specs graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts. He has leveraged his work in media broadcasting to advance his public health profession. KHAOSTALKS started random interviewing people on the street about obstacles they’ve overcome. Then he later started to cover pop culture and political topics. His passion is allowing people to tell their stories with help from himself That’s what #Khaostalks is all about. He is creating a platform for others who feel voiceless or overlooked. 


What exactly is Khaostalks?


Khaostalks is a media correspondent for SLAY TV which is a multi-platform media company and advertising agency specializing in the people-of-color, queer, and trans communities. Khaostalks is legendary in the ballroom scene he often highlights and takes us into the ballroom world.


Khaostalks is a music enthusiast and works for Music Xclusives TV, an online music channel. Featuring upcoming and existing musical artists, it promotes and informs consumers, critics, and entertainment executives about musical artists, providing intimate and multi-level perspectives

His career 


KhaosTalks is a multimedia journalist and media personality from New York. He has had the opportunity to work with some of today’s big names in pop culture  as well as major celebrities. His connections have also given him exclusive access into what goes on behind closed doors at major companies like Slay TV and Music Xclusives. 


Tiffany Pollard, Taylor Benett and he recently spoke with Omar Epps,  Doechii , and ray angry from the roots at the afro punk festival. Omar Epps talked about having a supportive spouse and his new book, Nubia: The Awakening. Doechii describes what hard work looks like.

His dreams


Khaos talks to a man with really big dreams. His dream is to work on E news or access Hollywood or extra tv. He wants to work on all the red carpets like Grammy, VMA’s and Met gala. To do this he has started his own movement called Khaostalks. Khaostalks is a movement that will connect you to the people who you need in order to fulfill your goals. Khaostalks aim for women empowerment as well as spreading love and positivity through entertainment. It is important to be a light in someone else’s life.


With the help of this love towards media broadcasting and passion, Khaostalks was able to seize opportunities that most people can only imagine, leading to collaborations with some of the big names in the game ! He will undoubtedly transform the media broadcasting industry thanks to his diligence and talent.






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