Fros-T Releases New Single “Don’t Go to Sleep”

Promising music artist Fros-T is slowly becoming a recognizable name in the industry as he introduces his unique brand of music whose vibe is designed to entertain. The Portland-based artist recently released his single “Don’t Go to Sleep,” a vibrant track that mirrors his passion for music, versatility, and songwriting prowess. For him, giving his listeners a song they can easily relate with, understand, and draw inspiration from are of utmost importance as he pours out his personal experiences and struggles into his lyrics.

“Don’t Go to Sleep” is a song that Fros-T created to open the eyes of his audience to the realities of life, from love to loss, failed expectations, the uphill climb to success, and inequality among many growing communities. Having a platform that allows him to share his unique perspective of things brings him great satisfaction as an artist who wishes for nothing more than to express his artistry and make a difference in the lives of people. 

When it comes to the quality of his music, he is all about maintaining high standards. He understands that making a name in the music industry necessitates a non-negotiable level of excellence, dedication, and the willingness to accept criticism. So far, he has been getting nothing but good reviews, a rare achievement for a neophyte who only discovered his passion for music a year ago. Unlike most music artists who started their love for music at a very early age, Fros-T can be considered a late bloomer. It took the pandemic to compel him to discover another size of him that he did not know he had. Fortunately for him, it is not yet too late to work on sharpening his songwriting and rapping skills, as he seems to have a natural gift for music. To say that he is born with it is an absolute understatement. 

As a city with an ever-growing hip-hop scene, Portland holds so much promise for Fros-T. At present, it is also home to other up-and-coming rappers such as Aminé, Cool Nutz, Illmaculate, Travis Knight, and Cory Kendrix, to mention a few. It has become the melting pot for a wide array of hip-hop talents, and giving the world someone as promising as Fros-T is such a treat. 

The young artist believes in the value of hard work, persistence, and consistency. Going the extra mile is also one of his strongest attributes, which surely comes in handy when it comes to producing new songs. On many occasions, music artists experience a great deal of frustration when they hit a wall with their songwriting. Fros-T, however, has never had this experience yet. But in the event it does hit him, he is confident that his personal attributes will help him come through. 

Fros-T has big dreams for his music career and his home city of Portland. His aspirations for his career are always tied up to Portland, as everything he does is something that he hopes will impact it significantly by inspiring people to be better in terms of how they live their lives and treat others. Part of his goals as a committed music artist is to help Portland return to its former glory and see it nurture a new breed of singers and musicians who will also influence the perspective of future generations. 

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