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Everything You Need to Know About Raphy Pina, CEO of Pina Records

A well-known name in the entertainment industry, Raphy Pina, the Founder and CEO of Pina Records, has made his thumping presence in the music industry as a record producer creating his own aura in it.

A record label company, Pina Records is following an upward trajectory as far as the music industry is concerned. It is here where the issue of Raphy Pina’s Net Worth comes in.

This can be understood by the fact that Pina Records has over 4 billion views on YouTube. This viewership figure means he grosses revenue before tax to the tune of about $10 millions.

In other words, Raphy Pina’s Net Worth currently stands at around $5 million. He made this possible over the years by creating his own place in the music industry as a popular performer of reggaeton and hip-hop music.

Having signed famous musical performers including Daddy Yankee and his fiancée Natti Natasha’s first album Illuminati in 2019 comprising some of her most famous songs like “Criminals” and “La Mejor Versión de Mi,” Raphy Pina also is a successful entrepreneur.

He runs a number of gas stations in Puerto Rico. This further pushes up Raphy Pina’s Net Worth.

Born on July 4, 1978 on the island of Isla del Encanto in Puerto Rico, this multi-talented musician belongs to a family of four comprising him, his mother Mia Pina, father Rafael Pina, and his younger brother Victor Pina.

Music is in his genes, as his father is also in the music industry being a producer. Rafael Pina, in the 1990s, worked as a manager with several famous musicians, including Juan Luis Guerra and Jose Alberto El Canario.

Raphy Pina, thus, inherited music and made it his passion and profession subsequently. Finally, he made a space for himself in the music industry.

He began his musical journey as an assistant to his music producer father and helped him actively in running his music business thus gaining knowledge on the intricacies of the trade. Rising through the ranks, Raphy Pina finally floated his own company Pina Records to gain international fame through his musical labels.

He made several albums and labels together with fiancée Natti Natasha and Daddy Yankee to successfully carve out an enviable space for himself in the music industry.

Just as all creative persons like nature and waves of water, Raphy Pina is no different. Hence, it is no wonder that he often goes for trips in boats sailing through waters. This is practically a hobby. But being nearer to nature also enhances the creativity of creative persons.

His company Pina Records has made a major name as a record producer. It goes without saying the proceeds from record production also adds or contributes to Raphy Pina’s Net Worth.

To have a glimpse of Raphy Pina’s Net Worth, the fact must be mentioned that he owns a private plane and a number of high-end automobiles and boats in Miami and Puerto Rico.

It is pertinent here to say that his talents have been well-recognized in the musical industry. This is the primary reason why he has been designated as the executive producer of songs like No Manches by J Alvarez featuring Ozuna and A.L. and Almighty x Divino.

This fact further comes to fore when we find that Raphy Pina collaborated with several famous musicians and artists like R. K. M, Ken-Y, and Balvin. These collaborations are besides Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha.

Raphy Pina’s most famous and acclaimed label hit in Latin America is “Propuesta Indecente” by Romeo Santos. Santos and Raphy Pina are the co-lyricists of this song.

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