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Ellie Shefi on Curating the Life You Want to Live and Being Made to Make a Difference

For the past years, the pandemic has brought about feelings of unease and despair to the state of New York. With the intention of motivating people to get through whatever dark times they are facing, Ellie Shefi is imparting her experiences and wisdom to inspire others to lead healthy and successful lives.

Ellie Shefi is a best-selling author of multiple books and the founder of “You Are Not Your Scars,” a powerful community that brings healing and transformation to people who have to deal with self-doubt, fear, and different forms of trauma. This movement provides resources to empower women across New York.

The cornerstone of Ellie’s work is the You Are Not Your Scars program. Through it, she walks her students—mostly women—through a deep dive of revisiting past traumas and breaking free of their hold. Her program seeks to allow people to break down their past safely, so it doesn’t affect their future. As a result, many of her participants in the You Are Not Your Scars program have attested to experiencing freedom from external labels that brought feelings of false humility, imposter syndrome, and unrealistic expectations.

Ellie’s past urged her to become the change she wanted to see in the modern world. “Through my experiences, I help people become limitless thrivers, master problem solvers, and opportunity creators,” Ellie shares. “I have crawled, clawed, and scratched my way through fire after fire and am an unstoppable force. The women I help know that I see them, I hear them, I understand them, and I’m here to take their hand and journey alongside them as they become the architect of their lives.”

Overcoming a lifetime of adversity and emerging an accomplished entrepreneur has made Ellie a model of empowerment and positive change. Currently, she is a transformational leader committed to delivering compassionate guidance and helping others create the life and legacy they envision for themselves. 

Ellie taps into decades of life and business experiences and crafts “no fluff, easy-to-implement, and results-driven” systems and life strategies to help people become more intentional about their goals and create the habits that help achieve them. She has worked with impact-driven clients–entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and leaders–who use their businesses as a force for good.

Despite being busy, Ellie does not forget to enjoy and wind-down when she can. Although she is based in California, when she heads to the east coast and here in New York , she loves enjoying the art, music, theater, food, and culture. In our discussions with her, she mentions that she likes to check out and support up-and-coming artists, musicians, and designers, from seeing shows both on and off Broadway to enjoying some jazz at Lincoln Center or eating her way through the city.

Ellie still has many ideas and plans for the future, including opening up youth entrepreneur centers across the United States, starting in Harlem, New York, once the pandemic is over. These centers seek to equip high school students in underserved areas with the knowledge, skills, training, and mentorship they need to become tomorrow’s leaders and create the safer communities they can thrive in.

Ellie continues to be a catalyst for change that empowers, inspires, and enables others to find their voice and realize their potential to live the life they deserve.

Learn more about her teachings, content, how she is also helping businesses during these pandemic-times, and all her programs by visiting her website and Instagram profile.

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