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Elev8ted Music Group Brings Something New to the Table as It Pairs Music and Fashion Under the Same Umbrella

Michigan-bred artist YoungKing YoungScoop and music executive/manager Elev8ted Juice add something unique to not only Detroit but globally to music. With Scoop’s unique rap style and Juice’s relentless networking ability, the duo have been able to rise as notable figures in the Detroit music scene quicker than many could have ever predicted

Artist YoungKing YoungScoop and his manager/older brother Elev8ted Juice have taken the city of Detroit and other emerging markets by storm with one simple formula—hard work. Scoop and Juice began their journey in mid 2018 when they launched the ELEV8TED Music Group imprint and have since scaled the brand into fashion, consulting, and event hosting. Fast forwarding to the present day, Scoop has had 4-5 singles played on national radio and Sirius XM Radio and has caught the attention of major labels and has even performed on major event  tickets with Lil Baby, Dababy, Future, Jaquees, Rae Sremmurd, and more.

In 2020 Scoop  became the 1st Budweiser Music Champion claiming his spot on the throne over thousands of talented artists by being hand-selected by Budweiser as Detroit’s next music star and taking home $15,000. In addition to being the Budweiser Music Champ, Scoop has been able to collaborate on promotional videos and songs for the Detroit Pistons and meet with Detroit music sensation Big Sean.

Scoop’s national presence continues to increase tremendously. And most recently, Scoop released a track with platinum recording artist and Atlanta’s own 24hrs titled “Yellow.” “Yellow” has become a huge fan favorite and the perfect follow-up for Scoop’s first smash hit “Rake It Up,” which is currently in rotation across the country on major radio and included on the Detroit Lions pregame playlist.

Under ELEV8TED Music Group, Scoop has dropped two projects, ELEV8TED and Antidote, which were co-curated with his brother/manager ELEV8TED Juice. 

When we asked Juice what it was like to build a brand with his little brother and artist, YoungKing YoungScoop, he told us: “When we decided we were going to do this, we knew it would be something special. And I knew I was going to be the one to help my brother get to the next level. It feels good to see all of our hard work paying off.”

Scoop had this to say about the business relationship and recent success he’s had working with his brother Juice: “It’s been fun. We always knew we were destined for something big and knowing how hard my brother works and how much he has my back pushes me to be the best artist I can possibly be.” 

The ELEV8TED boys are the modern brother tandem that the music industry has been missing. With Juice’s superior networking skills and ability to predict trends in the market and Scoop’s ability to create quality music with his unique sound and pockets, the duo are virtually unstoppable; and honestly, for these two, there is no ceiling. 

Elev8ted may be their brand, but it’s safe to say it’s a way of life for these two moguls in the making.

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