Conquering with determination – KILLAIMIJ credits his hard work after receiving a certified RIAA plaque from Spotify

Dancehall music is a popular Jamaican music genre that originated in Kingston, Jamaica, during the political roughness of the 1970s. Also known as ragga or dub, it wasn’t until the 1980s and 90s that people showed interest in it, making it the top-ranked music form of that time. What is great about this music genre is that it focuses on the DJ, who raps over a prerecorded track based on bass guitar and drum rhythms. It is a branch of the famous genre called Reggae, representing different cultures and disseminated ideologies. 

When it comes to Dancehall, among the few artists that have conquered people’s hearts is none other than music producer, Sheldon Thaxter, famously known as KILLAIMIJ. He had a very humble beginning in Kingston, Jamaica. Being raised by his mother alone in his father’s absence made his childhood quite traumatic, full of struggles and hardships. Despite all the challenges, he managed to attend Titchfield High School in Portland, Jamaica and graduated in 2008. He later went to the College of Agriculture Science and Education. After two years, he joined the Jamaica Constabulary Force in 2010 and served there before migrating to the United States. He then joined the Marine Corps in the US, and due to his untiring efforts, he made it to the rank of sergeant. 

This Dancehall genius knows no boundaries as far as music is concerned. After receiving a certified RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) plaque from Spotify, KILLAIMIJ proudly credits his hard work and determination for his success. Talking about his true calling and passion, he says, “A musician’s brain is wired differently than non-musicians. Studying music from a young age gave me an intense internal desire to keep growing, and water finds its own level. So, music inspired me. Besides, I believe hard work is the key to success. You have to be happy and love the work you do to be successful.”

KILLAIMIJ became popular by releasing his debut rhythm, “Clock Tick”, with the hit single “Bubble Up” by Former Portmore Empire member Gaza Kim, and received over 500K streams on Spotify. “Not many people believed I was capable of pulling this off and becoming an established producer, but I am honored that I proved all of them wrong with my consistency and hard work,” he said regarding his feat. Besides, he is inspired by Vybz Kartel, claiming that he is the most talented human he has ever known in Dancehall music. Sheldon also added that musicians Oleada and Jaycrazie believed in him throughout his journey and supported him in every possible way. 

There is more to this creative music producer than meets the eye. The first two songs KILLAIMIJ produced were history9Grainz – Tik Tok Tik song, which received over 100k views on YouTube during the first month and Gaza Kim – “Bubble Up” song charted on the popular top 10 charts in Jamaica. Apart from that, he established a studio in Kingston, Jamaica, in order to produce young talents and help those who usually don’t get a chance to showcase their talent due to financial issues. KILLAIMIJ believes in motivating young upcoming artists. He stated, “Just don’t give up on your dream and be creative/unique because the world loves people who stand out in anything that they do.” Moreover, to set an example for aspiring music producers, he stressed the fact that there will be problems when you start your own journey. But you have to keep moving forward without losing hope. “I am not going to sit here and say it was glitter and gold. No, it was not an easy road. Competition is high and to set a benchmark in the Reggae/Dancehall arena takes a lot out of you, including sacrifices, hard work and dedication. You must love what you do and be patient because you won’t see success overnight because sometimes it can take even three months or more for a song to blow up,” he elaborated.

As for KILLAIMIJ’s upcoming projects, he revealed that he is currently working on his second project with Jaycrazie, which is the Buzzer Riddim. The latest project includes artists like Munga Honorable, Maestro Don, I Octane and Gaza Kim, to name a few. KILLAIMIJ has always been very optimistic about his work, and that makes him stand out from the crowd. He never lets his guard down, no matter how difficult the circumstances get.

The Dancehall producer KILLAIMIJ is authentic, ambitious, controversial, outrageous and spontaneous. And hence he has received the recognition he deserves in this competitive music industry. Undoubtedly, this extraordinary artist is here to make music that lasts a lifetime with a legacy!

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