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Canadian Star Sarah Jillian Comes Full Circle In Return To Acting World

It’s a fascinating story.

Canadian star Sarah Jillian is no newbie to the world of entertainment – she’s been a performer all her life – and today she feels like she’s come full circle.  After a fascinating and very full life she’s come back to her first love – acting.

It’s been a whirlwind ride.

Jillian is something of a legend in Canadian entertainment circles – if you know, you know!   If you don’t, read on. 

 Her incredible life has taken her everywhere from one of Canada’s legendary children’s TV shows to animation studios to a long stint as a professional clown. It has given her a front window seat to life with an iconic punk band, it’s seen her publish popular children’s books.

It’s hard to get a handle on this creative whirlwind – but sitting down with her for an hour is like a crash course in everything entertainment.   This lady has done it all – and there’s so much more to come.

In this exclusive interview, she tells us about her journey.

She started acting at just six years old.  

“I had originally wanted to be a ballerina at the age of just three, always knowing that I wanted to entertain. I started acting school with a very strict teacher at Josephine Barrington Acting Academy  when I was six.  My first acting job was at eight years old when I participated in a live radio broadcast on C.B.C. radio (with renowned broadcaster Ann Gibson) talking about Country Living.” 

Her creativity came out in different ways, even as a little girl.  She never felt limited in the tools she used to express herself.  “Early on I also sold my artwork starting when I was about ten, in forms of greeting cards and paintings.”   As a young woman, she even had several art shows.  For anyone else – that might have been the pinnacle of a career – but it was just one of the ways Sarah was making herself known.  

A few years before making a splash in the local art world, in fact while she was still in junior high school,  Sarah developed a successful theater production.  “I directed ,acted, wrote and made the costumes and makeup for that,  toured to all the nearby schools, that was a great success.”  

Not long after, The Toronto Star – one of Canada’s most read newspapers did a feature article on young Sarah.  “The Star called me a rising star and said I was the most promising artist coming out of Canada – at sixteen.  They took photos of me working on my art –  handmade brooches of  guitars that I was selling in unique stores in Yorkville and in cool new wave stores.” 

Initially she studied animation at an animation studio where she created an animated short comedy film.  She attended art college.  For a time she  moved to New York City, but couldn’t resist the move when she was offered a job back in Toronto.   Her irrepressible creative side came out in her work as a layout artist for an advertising company for major Toronto media (The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Sun, Owl Magazine)., and a well known Canadian footwear brand. 

But it wasn’t long  before the acting bug bit her again. 

“I decided to enter again into acting, did a few commercials for television and then starred in some rock videos.  Then somehow I was offered a job as a professional clown. I worked parties and banquets and then decided to start my own clown business with ten other clowns I hired.” 

When she became a mother, her son inspired a whole new creative direction.  

 “Shortly after having my son , I developed a series of children books on bedtime and dreams – and they did really well – they hit #1 and #2 in their category at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Chapters, and in many more book stores internationally. “  Completely written and illustrated by Sarah, “Did I Really Dream Last Night?” became a true bedtime favorite on many family shelves.  

She did it again after a trip that got her creative juices flowing.

“After coming home from Costa Rica, I was inspired again to write and illustrate a bedtime story for children about the beautiful animals in the trees of Costa Rica.  I called this one “Up In The Trees”

In 2021, after some significant life changes,  Sarah said she felt her first love, acting, pulling her back.

“I decided to go back to my acting career . I turned down several roles until I met up with a director from MTV’s ,The Real World – ,Steve Oakleys, and I am now in two of his feature films and starring in the third in production now – this one is a musical.”

Recently featured in TV, radio, podcasts and magazines around the world, Sarah is passionate about sharing -and inspiring others – with both her personal and professional story.

“My adventures in life are far from finished.  While I’m not certain where my creativity will lead me ,however I am quite set on my career as an actress at this point,my focus being there, I don’t know where my roles will lead.” 

On reflection, she says, “I see myself as an artist – a chameleon –  always jumping at creative opportunities.  One thing I know for certain,one way or another, I will definitely not stop entertaining.”

Her fans will certainly be glad to hear that.

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