BeeDotKay’s “In A Minute” Spreading a Message of Change When the World Needs It Most

It’s time for a change. At least that’s what many feel as the world slowly returns to a sense of normalcy post-COVID-19. The past year has been a rough ride for people worldwide, and we’re getting a sense now that things will never be the same again. And no song captures that better than the new anthem of BeeDotKay entitled “In A Minute,” which also features artist Rockie Fresh. 

The song came to the songwriter and artist back in April 2021 as the nation slowly inched into the new reality. “I felt like the pandemic was wrapping up, and my soul was ready to get back outside, do stuff, and see people,” explains BeeDotKay. “On top of that, I’m in such a stronger and more secure place in my life. The pandemic was an opportunity to rewrite my life and hone in on what I felt like I was missing.  I’ve come out of it leveled up in every way imaginable.”

BeeDotKay is an artist from the Chicago Southside who spent a good deal of his life growing up in the Roseland community. He’s been performing since the age of four. His sister served as an early influence as she would introduce the artist to rap and encourage him to write songs with her. By the age of nine, BeeDotKay started writing music independently and performed in various church gatherings and events. At the age of fifteen, BeeDotKay would also begin performing in large concerts and events, even singing in front of a crowd of 10,000 at one point. Since then, the rapper has been all about making people “feel something with music.”

As BeeDotKay would grow, he would discover in him a desire to work in A&R. “I love making music, but I never wanted to be the star,” he shares. “Music business was my fascination.” This inclination would push the music lover to start studying artist development and follow Diddy, Lyor Cohen, Jimmy Iovine, Dame Dash and Hov. But listening to MJ, Ma$e, Missy, Eminem, Hov, Cole, Kanye, Common, Lupe, Rihanna, and many others would make BeeDotKay realize that he was meant for the stage. 

BeeDotKay’s music remains to be a reflection of who he is in real life. What you see is what you get primarily for the singer. He strives to be multifaceted yet balanced, expressing his beliefs, values, and spirituality through his music. His sound is eclectic and refreshing, providing people with a thoughtful, reflective and somewhat vulnerable experience. BeeDotKay likes to blend hip hop and rap with Jazz, R&B, Alternative, House and Soul flavors.  

Some of BeeDotKay’s other tracks include “The Red Line,” “Room For Improvement,” “Love Me Still,” “Sleep Walking,” “Hate Introlude,” “Saul Goodman,” “In The Morning,” “Minimum Wage,” “Mona Lisa,” and many others.

On top of his latest release, “In a Minute,” BeeDotKay has also released a new EP with the music group New Context. The artist believes that his best music is still ahead of him, which is evident by the growing popularity of his latest music. To listen to BeeDotKay’s music, check him out on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow him also on Instagram to catch the latest news around everything BeeDotKay.

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