Another Triumph: Morgan Christie's People Without Wings Spotlights Human Resilience
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Another Triumph: Morgan Christie’s People Without Wings Spotlights Human Resilience

Author Morgan Christie has recently released her latest collection titled People Without Wings. The collection consists of three fictional stories that explore the complexities of the human experience with an enlightened, empathetic lens. Christie’s adept storytelling and keen observation of human nature elevate People Without Wings to a compelling and thought-provoking masterpiece.

Christie has consistently shown her diversity as a writer throughout the years, earning recognition for several published works across multiple genres. She received a nomination for the prestigious Hurston/Wright Legacy Award in Fiction for her full-length short story manuscript, These Bodies. Her poetry has also earned acclaim, with Christie named the 2022 Arc Poetry Poem of the Year prize recipient. She was also featured in the Forward Arts Foundation’s National Poetry Day exhibit for her poetry chapbook when they came.

Beyond awards, Christie’s exceptional writing has reached a vast and diverse audience, appearing in esteemed publications like Sports Literate, Hawai’i Review, Room and Callaloo. Her body of work also extends to four poetry chapbooks, a compelling full-length short story manuscript, and the thought-provoking autobiographical essay collection titled Boolean Logic.

Christie’s output reflects her ethos of “Constantly Moving Forward,” both thematically and prolifically. This drive culminates powerfully in People Without Wings, a testament to her evolution as an author. Within its pages, Christie deftly explores universally relatable struggles around identity, grief, hope, and mental health, crafting a narrative that resonates deeply with readers from diverse walks of life.

Within the pages of People Without Wings unfold three distinct yet profoundly intertwined stories: the gripping “Warbird,” the emotive “Rainbow Parachutes,” and the quirky yet meaningful “How to Eat Marzipan.” Each artfully crafted narrative offers insight into different facets of the human condition with empathetic eloquence designed to resonate. The immersive storytelling captivates readers, inviting them to explore the intricacies of life through the lens of diverse characters and their compelling experiences.

“Warbird” introduces readers to Jhonti, an escaped “super soldier” whose life becomes unrecognizable after undergoing a dangerous procedure to graft wings onto their body at the behest of the Air Force. The reader is immediately plunged into tension when Jhonti desperately seeks help from veterinarian confidant Albert after intentionally harming themselves to remove the dehumanizing tracking device, and possibly more, forced upon all human test subjects like them.

Initially motivated to enlist by a desire for escape, Jhonti comes to regret losing themselves to the Air Force’s agenda. Their conversation with Albert suggests a longing to return to who they were before the dramatic physical and mental changes imposed upon them. 

The other stories in the collection likewise zero in on pivotal moments in their characters’ lives with dimensionality and heart. For example, “Rainbow Parachutes” sees Dyana grappling with tremendous grief after loss. Similarly, in “How to Eat Marzipan,” Jamika perseveres through bereavement by holding onto happy memories of her late grandmother and grandfather and nourishing her “Hope” with marzipan and other savory desserts. Again, Christie extracts something uplifting from tragedy.

Across all three engaging stories, readers effortlessly discover flawed, relatable characters whose myriad experiences skillfully reflect universally shared highs and lows. Though the specifics differ, the underlying currents of profound self-discovery, resilient adaptation in the face of grief, and the ongoing process of defining identity connect the narratives on a profoundly human level.

For fiction enthusiasts interested in exploring the full spectrum of human emotion through Christie’s compassionate outlook, People Without Wings delivers an edifying, cathartic experience. Through poignant prose and nuanced character development, People Without Wings invites readers on a transformative journey, prompting introspection and fostering a deeper connection to the universal threads of humanity.

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