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Akeem and Wesley Mair Defying the Odds as Brothers to Appear in an Upcoming Commercial Together

Great things come to those who refuse to stop trying. While many aspiring hopefuls give up at first sight of defeat, there are exceptional individuals who transcend limitations, exceed expectations, and break barriers in order to achieve something larger than themselves. These people are the same individuals who go out on a limb to achieve their goals, no matter how difficult they may seem. As a result of their passion, commitment, and hard work, these individuals have become people’s ultimate source of motivation, possessing the ability to strengthen others during challenging times. One such power players who emerged triumphantly in their pursuits is Akeem and Wesley Mair, both talented actors and esteemed visionaries.

While others attempt to escape the idea of facing hardships and overcoming obstacles, Akeem and Wesley Mair take on these challenges head-on in order to translate their clear-cut visions into full-throttled actions. Their diligent efforts of establishing themselves across a highly competitive industry have earned countless praises from established authorities, industry peers, and aspirants, slowly cementing their reputable stance across the trade. Because of their driven disposition, their go-getting personality managed to land an acting engagement in one of the gaming industry’s most sought-after hero battle royale games, Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play hero battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The next evolution game was released in February 2019, where players battle for glory, fame, and fortune. A game released in various mediums, such as Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, this ever-dynamic hero shooter legend propelled AkeemMair towards the limelight by acting in a creative commercial ad with his younger brother, Wesley Mair.

As brothers who have spent most of their younger years playing Super Nintendo, Akeem and Wesley Mair thought it best to use this experience and transform it as a catapulting device, propelling their careers towards the summits of the trade while translating their dreams into reality. Ever since Akeem stumbled upon an email of a casting call for a commercial gaming ad, things turned out well for this emerging power duo. Although the fear of not making it heavily surrounded their attempts at building their acting careers, their drive to succeed overpowered their doubts, effectively launching themselves at the pinnacles of victory. Akeem and Wesley Mair not only achieved their goal, but these power players also proved that nothing is lost when it comes to trying.

“If they like us, we will get the part. If they don’t, then we won’t. The important thing here is that we tried,” Akeem told his brother, Wesley.

In the next five years, Akeem and Wesley Mair hopes to launch his career further by working with countless industry powerhouses across a wide variety of trades. With the release of this commercial ad, Akeem wishes to leave a mark by putting his creativity and talents forward, together with his brother, Wesley.

With Shelley Lewis as the director and Nathaniel Greene as the producer of this promising commercial ad, Akeem and Wesley Mair are bound to take the industry by storm. 

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