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13-Year-Old Arie Little Makes Waves in the Rap Industry

Rap music is one of the strongest pillars of the music industry, but it is dominated by adult artists. In turn, the rap scene has seen music that talks about adult topics, which may not necessarily strike a chord or be deemed appropriate for younger audiences. Seeing the gap in the landscape and nurturing her passion for hip-hop, Arie Little fearlessly entered the rap scene to bring fresh and kid-friendly tracks for everyone. At 13 years old, Arie has already achieved so much and amplified the message that rap can be for any age.

Arie Little hails from Memphis, Tennessee. Beginning her journey at age ten, she released her first single called “Posh Kid” a year later, along with her first album called Arie Little Do It Big. The young artist took greater strides in the following years and performed in many events, including the 2021 SEA Awards, Juneteenth, and many more. She also performed at the seventh annual Memphis hip-hop awards and was awarded the Rising Star Award in Houston, Texas, on December 4, 2021, during the fourth annual Underground Awards.

Arie Little has created her own lane in the music industry, producing tracks that both kids and adults love. Her music is kid-friendly, uplifting, and inspiring. Arie wants to connect with music lovers worldwide in a way that other rappers haven’t done so. The young artist wants kids her age to have an avenue in the rap genre that won’t worry their parents, knowing how explicit other songs can be. Arie has brought so much positivity to her listeners, genuinely making a change in the hip-hop industry, and maximizing the art of rapping as a tool for self-expression and amplifying worthwhile messages. Tackling clean and uplifting topics through her music, Arie has supplied her rap-loving listeners with guilt-free tracks.

Arie Little is giving the world enjoyable beats that carry her many emotions. Her music can make one feel pretty, ready to dance, and more. The rapper talks about bullying, self-confidence, and building one’s esteem through her music, wanting to uplift her listeners through her messages. One of her singles in her debut album, “Pretty N Petty,” has captivated many listeners worldwide because of its profound message and propelled her career further.

Besides rapping, Arie Little is also making a name for herself in acting. She has starred in various tv shows, such as Ms. T’s Music Factory. The thriving star was also in an Amazon Prime movie entitled Why Me.

With so many years ahead of her, Arie Little aims to be America’s next big thing. The rapper aims to conquer big stages across the globe and be part of Rolling Loud, BET, Soul Train Awards, and many other events. She wants to be known as the feisty teenager who launched her music out into the world and made a massive impact on people’s lives. Above all, Arie aims to be a legend in the music industry, worthy of standing alongside timeless icons.

With her method of using rap as a tool for change among her generation, Arie Little is, without a doubt, one of the most promising artists of her time. This is just the beginning of her long run, and the rapper aims to reach greater heights and allow her passion to guide her in making a difference.

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