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Woman in Limelight: Emerging Author & Mother of 5 – Denise Cantu.

In every instance, when something agonizing occurs in human lives, they try to foster the tendency to suppress that pain and subscribe to the adage that “time heals all wounds.” 

It is always said that time heals all wounds. But does it really? Not at all, The wounds remain and will continue to remain. It is just that the time — or the mind, attempting to safeguard its saneness — conceals those wounds with some scar tissue, diminishing the pain, but it can never be banished.

“Time heals all wounds, is without a doubt, cliché. Similar to various other clichés, it seems to be credible even though it’s intricate. The chaotic reality of those “wounds,” received from traumatic events, grief, and heartbreak, is that they never heal over time. It remains as a part of our memories, for the rest of our life,” said Denise Cantu, author of upcoming book, God With Me. In this narration, Cantu reveals her story as a mourning mother after losing her two kids to an unfortunate accident. It also takes the readers on her journey to founding God’s grace as she battled with the hope of inspiring millions like her. 

“It took me a long time and many sleepless nights to decide to share my side of the story to the world—not the twisted version depicted by the media or other sources. I want you to know the truth, the real narration. Today, if I proudly am sharing my story with the world, I owe it to many people, including those I lost, especially them, I feel. They made me realize that death is the end of a person, not the end of their relationships. They will always remain in my heart in the form of purest love and glimmering light.  The day I step inside the gates of heaven, I know they will be waiting to embrace me, and in that eternal moment, I will live my life forever!” she said. 

Cantu elucidated that while some wounds are unhealable,  the only way to seek comfort is to turn to God, who is omnipresent to help us, relieving us from grief. Only God can genuinely offer comfort to our scarred hearts. 

“I always witness people wondering whether the memories will fade. But, the truth is we will never ever forget those difficult experiences we’ve had in life. Yet, God has an astounding approach in empowering us to cope and move on with life,” said Denise Cantu. 

Anyone who has experienced grief, sadness, or loss ever in life comprehends the hard reality that time does not heal all wounds. In fact, those moments send pain, agony, and deep depression down your spine, which you would have never felt before. Time can frequently suppress emotions, but it alone can never heal all wounds.

However, there is hope that keeps us going in this world. Humans can rest in the hope that we are not alone. “I light of my own experience, I found to be the most helpful aspect of tackling with grief was to turn to Lord. Losing loved ones, especially your kids who you bore for 9 months, is a horrible, painful experience to go through; you feel the whole world collapsing in front of you, but there is hope in Lord that He will make reunite with them, in the heaven,” said Cantu.

Cantu explained that we need God all the time, but even more when going through times of grief. After all, God never delights in seeing us experiencing grief. In fact, He never intended to make experience pain, grief, or death. He breathed life into humans, to dwell with Him in the Garden forever; nevertheless, the destiny altered when Adam and Eve fell (Genesis 3:1-24).

The fall of humankind brought death into the world, and pain, grief, and sorrow came along with it. “God has promised us to create a new Heaven and a New Earth after the Millennium where pain, agony, or death will not exist (Revelation 21:4). And I have a hope in Him, he make me reunite with pieces of my heart; my beautiful children; and it is this hope that keeps me going, but the wound prevails,” she said. 

Denise Cantu further revealed that it is not the time that has the power to heal, but God. “No matter how grave the pain of our wounds is in our earthly life when we are with Christ, we rest in comfort, that He has got our back. The moment we turn to God and put our faith in Him, we begin to experience faith. Psalm 147:3 says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. And this verse alone becomes the source of my hope, each day,” she said. 

Therefore, whatever you experience in life, no matter how much of the lowest point is it, give it over to God. Seek His help through supplications, and he will help you embrace our wounds. 

Cantu believes that the wound we receive in this world prepares us for our future with Christ, where we will experience eternal joy. “Perhaps the agonizing trial you are going through right now is to fulfill your future calling Jesus will provide in your life. If it was not the series of loss of my loved ones, addictions, and struggles, I would not have been able to pen down my experience, narrating my life story for numerous to seek inspiration from,” she said. 

“Remember that the comfort of God’s love is strong, firm, and steadfast. Time can help us cope, but it cannot heal us. God promises us that one day we will be with Christ; we will rejoice and reunite with others, spending eternity with the Lord. So whenever you are going through painful situations, difficult seasons in your life, or incurable wounds in your inner beings, just remind yourelf of God’s steadfast love,” concluded Denise Cantu. 

While talking about her upcoming book, Denise Cantu explained that she finds the standards set for the heroes too vague; and unrealistic. It is in light of the fact that heroes get hurt; they break down but what makes them heroes is the fact that they never give up. 

“We are all heroes believe it or not; we fight our fears each day, even on the days when every muscle in our being feels sore and exhausted. We rise after every defeat and drag ourselves forward. This is heroic. My aim behind writing this book is nothing like portraying myself as a hero, but to remind you all that you are, too. On many points, while reading this book, several of you will see yourself in me, will relate in some way or the other, and this is what I want. To let you know that you are plenty, you are enough, and you have got this,” she said. 

This book is truly a must-read for all those suffering from the loss of loved ones or battling addictions! If you are on the verge of giving up on life, then read this amazing narration, and witness God stepping in with all his glory and unmeasurable love. 

This book empowers you to pick up the fallen pieces and continue your journey under His protection and endless light, finding your better self.

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