Lory Wynn Advocates for Wolves Through Guardians of the Wolves

The story of the big bad wolf that wanted to eat the three little pigs has created a stigma across the globe that this furry creature is up to no good and only exists to cause harm to other living creatures. Today, ranchers are still anxious about the idea of wolves entering the vicinity of their farms for fear that they will slaughter their livestock. Wolf lover and wildlife advocate Lori Wynn hopes to change the image of wolves by promoting their protection and safety through Guardians of the Wolves, an organization built on passion and dedication. 

Lori’s journey in wolf preservation started in 2011 when the first wolf was documented to have entered California in almost 100 years. There was an instant fear among ranchers, thinking that the wolf would attack their cattle and their children at the same time. Together with her wolf-dog, Ambassador Sage, Lori started traveling to start an advocacy very close to her heart. She started speaking at the California Fish and Wildlife meetings to educate the public about the unfounded idea of the big bad wolf. 

Due to hers and others’ passionate efforts, the state of California decided to actively protect the wolves. She has already done educational programs with kids, hospice work, events, and assisted living; and Lori is determined to expand this advocacy to the rest of the country. “Today, they are not on the endangered species list federally, and many states are eradicating them. This has become a heart project for me. Ambassador Sage was one of the most accomplished female wolf dogs of all time. She passed away early 2020,” Lori shared. 

Today, Lori is focused on nurturing her new wolf dog pup, an ambassador in training named Rosemary. She will continue the legacy that Sage established, one that will benefit wolves for many years to come through wolf-dog education. Preservation Through Education is a thriving program that Lori and Sage successfully established, and it is expected to impact wildlife preservation efforts long-term.

Guardians of the Wolves upholds a three-part approach in its advocacy: preserving the legacy of wolves and wolf dogs through Education, responsible stewardship, and rescue. Its noble vision involves seeing all wolves and wolf dogs afforded the rights they deserve to survive and be protected. Just like all other animals, the organization intended to raise well-informed communities that will actively treat these living creatures with respect and kindness. 

“My organization educates that there is no such thing as a big bad wolf. We educate for responsible wolf dog ownership, and we are very involved in wolf-dog rescue and sanctuary,” Lori explained. 

Guardians of the Wolves intends to start educating young kids first by teaching them the importance of the wolves in the complex wildlife ecosystem. Next to young kids, the organization aspires to educate ranchers on non-lethal wolf management. The effort also involves teaching people about the nature of wolf-dogs so that less and less of them will end up in rescue. 

As she continues to promote the advocacies of Guardians of the Wolves, Lori sees herself speaking in front of bigger audiences across the country in the near future. It is her earnest hope that as she shares her love for wildlife, more and more people will commit to helping out.

Find out more about Guardians of the Wolves by visiting its website. Follow the organization’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects. 

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