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Global Humanitarian & Master Life Coach Dr. Clinton Bullock Announces New Book, “VICTORHOOD,” for Fall 2022

Dr. Clinton Bullock continues to live a life dedicated to helping people become the best version of themselves through coaching, counseling, and humanitarian relief work. His latest efforts include his upcoming book, “VICTORHOOD: The Greatest Stories Ever Told in Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, & Victimhood,” which is designed to assist and empower those who feel like victims and turn them into victors.

His newly anticipated book, “VICTORHOOD” is set for release during the fall of 2022. “VICTORHOOD” discusses the ways in which Dr. Bullock himself was a victim of domestic abuse, lived in inner-city war zones, how he almost lost his life five times, and how he suffered domestic and international workplace discrimination.

His story of intense struggle shows that he has truly walked the walk, and deeply understands the pain people go through. Throughout his book, Dr. Bullock describes his experiences of severe anxiety, which resulted in depression, emotional and mental anguish, as well as the development of PTSD. These events shed light on Dr. Bullock’s methods for overcoming these problems and his journey to become a worldwide humanitarian and a highly successful entrepreneur.

“VICTORHOOD” also gives light to a variety of techniques that may benefit people in reducing pain, stress, and victimhood, as well as persevering through adversity.

Dr. Bullock has always been committed to assisting people out of victimhood. Before college, he spent time in battered women’s shelters as a volunteer. While in college, he continued to give back to the community by counseling high school students on academic probation, and then he traveled to Chile twice to participate in a volunteer program.

Even in his education, Dr. Bullock has looked for ways to help himself and others by acquiring skills that would propel him towards success. He taught English in Japan for years, after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish before returning to the United States to pursue a Master of Arts degree in International Policy Studies, with an emphasis on mediation and conflict resolution.

Dr. Bullock’s commitment to education, international understanding, and desire to positively influence others eventually resulted in him serving as a professor for the US Department of Defense before becoming an administrator in higher education. In 2019, he received his doctorate from the University of Southern California and was named Fulbright Specialist by the US Department of State. Dr. Bullock is currently finishing up his second Master of Arts degree in the Psychology of Leadership from the Pennsylvania State University.

It’s no surprise that Dr. Bullock, with his diverse life experiences and vast skill set, established Clinton Bullock Coaching in 2020, which later became Clinton Bullock Worldwide, as a result of its rapid development and collaboration with other global organizations.

Dr. Bullock has always been committed to the betterment of the world. He is a huge supporter of this work, heavily investing in it financially so that more individuals can reach their full potential. An example of the latter centers on his organization sponsoring Latin American students so that they may go to college and by providing backing so that many Latin Americans get vaccinated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Bullock’s vast experience as a professor, counselor, and administrator over the last two decades has aided an unending number of people and organizations in reaching their objectives. In the end, Dr. Bullock is dedicated to serving others and has a burning desire to assist those who suffer from limiting beliefs and psychological distress. He hopes that his upcoming book, “VICTORHOOD,” continues to promote his passion for self-improvement and help those who need it the most.

Dr. Clinton Bullock’s new book is set for release in the fall of 2022. If you would like to know more about Dr. Bullock or his new book, “VICTORHOOD,” please visit his website at

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