Cancer Survivor Matt Ode Contributes to the Healing of Individuals Going Through the Same Ordeal

People are under the impression that surviving cancer means that the worst part is over, but the truth is that it always leaves a significant impact on the survivors. Most people struggle to overcome mental, emotional, and physical tolls, almost always on their own. Matt Ode is a survivor who knows firsthand what that feels like, using his experience to help others cope with the different areas of having cancer for the patients, survivors, caretakers, and family.

Matt Ode was twenty-four years old when he was diagnosed with stage 3C testicular cancer. The news was difficult enough, but more complications would follow. After chemotherapy was Matt was met by a complicated surgery removing the remaining cancer from his body. 

Shortly after Matt was placed under the watch and care of the ICU for over 40 days and a total of 53 days in the Cleveland Clinic, where he encountered many near-death experiences. After Matts first surgery his body fell into a non-responsive coma for two weeks. During that time, his body would experience complete kidney and liver failure. Doctors were unsure about him waking up and if he could. They were always providing updates to Matt’s family and girlfriend, informing them that he would likely have to be on dialysis for the rest of his life to relearn everyday tasks like eating and walking again.

One week out of  Matt’s coma he went into cardiac arrest, where nurses performed eight minutes of CPR to bring him back to life. Throughout Matt’s stay he would go through five major surgeries that left him with a large open wound on his stomach. After many days of perseverance Matt was released from the hospital at 110 lbs taking him years to recover his mental, emotional, and physical strength.

Three years later, Matt would recover thanks to hard work, support, and deep internal discovery. The experience left him with a new calling in life, as he set out to help individuals transform their minds, body, and spirit. In 2020, Matt Ode created a Cancer Facebook group for cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers. A few months later, the group grew with over three thousand members, growing at a steady pace.

Matt Ode created the group to be more than just a support group. As a mentor, he helps others overcome the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of cancer, allowing them to break free from the stigma of cancer and growing to become the best version of themselves and finding their path in life. Matt works with young adults, corporations, non-profits, and colleges. He uses his story as a survivor, resilience, and perseverance of never giving up to guide those struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically.  

Blessed with a second chance in life and overcoming cancer, coma, kidney & liver failure, five surgeries, and more, Matt has been doing his part to help society. His goal is to extend his reach and collaborate with top industries, organizations, and celebrities, assisting others through mental health and showing them what is possible in life. Matt foresees opportunities that allow him to speak on massive stages in corporate and non-profit industries, sharing his stories and lessons he learned to overcome adversity so others can be inspired to break the mold, find what they love in life, and contribute to society.

Learn more about Matt Ode by visiting his official website. You can also join their community on Facebook and follow him on Instagram for more updates.

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