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Brain Racers uses its AI powered Esports Platform to Save Teachers Time and Accelerate Learning

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A McKinsey survey in partnership with Microsoft found that teachers work an average of 50 hours per week. Regarding how their time can be better managed, the article says:

Our current research suggests that 20 to 40 percent of current teacher hours are spent on activities that could be automated using existing technology. That translates into approximately 13 hours per week that teachers could redirect towards activities that lead to higher student outcomes and higher teacher satisfaction. 

Brain Racers provides technology solutions that give time back to educators. When teachers can reallocate time spent on class prep and grading, they can do more meaningful work with their students. Additionally, the gameplay of Brain Racers grips students in a way that improves knowledge retention. With esports layers on top, like fun inter-class tournaments and celebration of academic skills, they create a social learning environment which further boosts motivation. And perhaps most interesting is that some kids are racing through the curriculum at record speeds. No pun intended.  

The platform can be easily incorporated into any daily instructional plan, especially to combat learning loss, which has become a big issue in the post-pandemic academic world. 

Brain Racers founder Gianender Khanna offers the following: 

“Many teachers use Brain Racers to warm up their class or to engage students through brain breaks. This is great, but something magical happens when teachers start collaborating with each other. For example, when multiple teachers start English classes in different physical rooms at 11 a.m., they warm up together with friendly inter-class competitions on Brain Racers. This has shown a significant increase in student motivation through what we believe is a deeper social learning experience. The best is when these kids want to train before they have the next “event” with other classrooms, so in the above example, they will want to practice more English in advance!

It is important to note that by using our platform for the above, teachers actually save time. We provide them with functionality to choose specific topics and grade filters to align with what is being taught that day or that week. We also provide insights to easily assess class performance, allowing them to focus teaching time on where it matters most.”

Education technology adoption is increasing, but a lot of teachers still create worksheets and sample papers for their students to practice. This is where Brain Racers is most effective. Gianender goes on to share, “A strong foundation is built through repetitive, engaging practice!” 

Estimates suggest that 73 percent to 76 percent of kids play video games, so meeting them in a familiar environment with fun gameplay lowers their level of resistance, offering kids an opportunity to engage in learning more organically.

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Since content is the third big pillar of Brain Racers, along with game design and technology, Gianender and his mom, co-founder Vandana Khanna, look over content on a regular basis. Vandana’s extensive experience teaching young children for the past 20 years, paired with Gianender’s skill in creating cognitive games for his game show, is evident in Brain Racers. This combination gives Brain Racers an intelligent foundation that is a competitive advantage over other similar companies, and something that may not be apparent at first glance.

Brain Racers is focused on a strong foundation for every child, which includes both academic content and cognitive challenges.

  1. Academic knowledge covers content based on curriculum standards for mathematics, English, science and general knowledge.
  2. Cognitive challenges will strengthen kids on attributes like pattern recognition, attention to detail and memory.

Gianender adds, “I believe these are the foundational pillars for every child, and the success of any structure depends on its foundation. Right now in schools, we actively focus only on academics. Cognitive aspects are passively picked up because you have to memorize for a test, or focus during an assignment. We at Brain Racers are intentional about both. And as an added bonus, kids love the cognitive challenges!”

Brain Racers has shown amazing results in the areas of accelerated learning and reduction in learning loss. They have successfully helped students who were behind catch up and surpass the expectations of their grade level. The platform has shown to give teachers as much as 15%–20% of their time back, and Gianender hopes that more teachers will incorporate it into their educational framework. 

He points out that while the promising results show that Brain Racers is a powerful tool, they also highlight inadequacies in the current state of the educational system, which is holding kids back due to outdated structures, pedagogical modalities and teacher overload. Gianender wraps up by saying, “And this is why we will continue to evolve towards these core benefits of reducing teacher workload, improving student engagement and accelerating learning.”

Brain Racers is an AI-enhanced platform that gamifies curriculum-based content in a racing format. It offers cognitive challenges and builds attributes like pattern recognition, attention to detail and memory along with academics. Play Brain Racers for free on any device.

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