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Launch Cart Announces Free Lifetime eCommerce Accounts for Veterans in a Groundbreaking Initiative

Launch Cart Announces Free Lifetime eCommerce Accounts for Veterans in a Groundbreaking Initiative
Photo Credited to: Launch Cart

November 29, 2023, Escondido Ca. – In a significant move to bolster veteran entrepreneurs, Launch Cart, a premier on-demand eCommerce platform, has announced a pioneering initiative offering complimentary lifetime access to its esteemed Launch Cart eCom Scale plan, valued at $297 monthly. This endeavor underscores Launch Cart’s steadfast commitment to empowering entrepreneurs to navigate the digital marketplace and achieve financial independence.

Renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust features, Launch Cart’s platform is the preferred choice for those entering the realm of eCommerce. Launch Cart focuses on print-on-demand services, allowing users to initiate and expand their businesses without upfront investments in inventory or fulfillment concerns. This initiative is designed to thank the veteran community for their service and unwavering dedication.

Percy ‘Master P’ Miller, Chairman of the Board at Launch Cart, expressed, “At Launch Cart, we acknowledge the unparalleled commitment and sacrifices veterans make. This initiative is a token of our appreciation and a testament to our belief in their entrepreneurial potential. We are committed to providing them with the tools and support necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving eCommerce and digital marketplace.”

Veterans, known for their discipline, leadership, and resilience—invaluable in entrepreneurship—will benefit from free access to Launch Cart’s Scale plan, eliminating financial barriers and allowing them to focus on innovation and growth.

This initiative goes beyond providing free access; it aims to create a supportive ecosystem for veteran entrepreneurs. Launch Cart’s platform is backed by a robust support system, educational resources, and a community of like-minded individuals, all contributing to the fostering of success in eCommerce.

Veterans interested in seizing this opportunity can visit for more information on registration and commencing their e-commerce journey. Launch Cart encourages the community to share this opportunity widely to ensure it reaches as many veterans as possible.

Launch Cart Announces Free Lifetime eCommerce Accounts for Veterans in a Groundbreaking Initiative
Photo Credited to: Launch Cart

Maintaining its dedication to democratizing eCommerce and empowering entrepreneurs from all walks of life, Launch Cart’s latest initiative marks a significant stride in fulfilling this mission, providing tangible support to those who have served and continue to inspire.

About Launch Cart: Launch Cart stands at the forefront of eCommerce and digital marketing innovation, seeking to redefine the drop-shipping industry through its ‘On-Demand eCommerce’ model. This approach comprises an eCom SaaS platform, a B2B product sourcing marketplace, and advanced banking services with a split payment solution. Tailored for entrepreneurs, small business owners, brands, and manufacturers, Launch Cart’s comprehensive suite of tools includes an eCommerce-enabled website builder, an integrated CRM system with diverse digital marketing tools, and the Source & Sell Marketplace™—expected to launch in 2024. Additionally, a planned fintech component, ‘Banking as a Service’ with a split payment merchant system, is set for introduction in 2024, streamlining financial transactions for online sellers. Launch Cart aims to enhance the efficiency and practicality of online business operations through these initiatives.

To explore Launch Cart’s offerings, visit Stay updated with Launch Cart’s latest developments by following them on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram @Launchcart, and gain beneficial insights from their blog at

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