The Journey to Success: Sam Boro on Building Talent and Marketing Agency TopView

“Every brand has a story to tell,” says Sam Boros, founder of TopView talent and marketing agency. The story he gets to tell a little less often, though, is his own. With TopView boasting an impressive roster of rising artists, sports stars, and cutting-edge brands, it’s easy to overlook the journey that brought Boro to this point, which wasn’t always a smooth road.

Humble Beginnings, Big Dreams

Boro knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur since he was a kid. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, life wasn’t always easy, but he knew that he wanted more from life. “Entrepreneurship can be a difficult path to follow, especially when you’re just starting out,” he says. “It can be difficult to balance your personal life with your business, and even more difficult when you don’t have access to the resources you need.”

Boro dreamed of building a place where people could do meaningful work with impact in the city where he grew up, and enjoy their work in the process. Entrepreneurship and creativity would come naturally to him, and when it came to college he chose to drop out and give entrepreneurship his all. He spent a decade working for other companies before he realized that he was destined to walk his own path. Enter: TopView, a full-service talent management, and marketing agency.

Great Content, No Limits

TopView not only develops talent, but helps build brands in the process by closing the gap between them and the consumers. They do this through campaigns that tell the story, grab attention, get people interested, and help talent to stand out from the crowd. 

“Your brand is more important now than it has ever been,” Boro says. Not only does TopView help up-and-comers to establish and understand their own personal brands, but they work with retail and clothing brands to find their image, too. “Understanding your audience and knowing your brand positioning and imaging is crucial in today’s industry. TopView has helped numerous fashion brands stand out to drive revenue and recognition in a crowded marketplace.”

Talent Management

The music industry is an overwhelming world to handle alone. TopView aims to share the burden with new artists by offering a full-service solution including; a discovery call, weekly strategy sessions, artist development, project roll-outs, music video strategy, and growth tracking. “Music has greatly impacted culture globally. Music is a means of communicating,” Boro says. “TopViews specializes in artist development, management, and marketing.”

They also work with rising sports stars on everything from endorsement deals, digital and social media marketing, and photography and videography. “Here at TopView, we believe building relationships is the foundation upon which everything is built,” Boro says. “We aim to develop unique brands and relationships. TopView is here to be your brand partner and help you maximize your athletic career.” Their goal is to help drive exposure, exponential revenue, appearances, endorsements, memorabilia, digital branding, and e-commerce. “The right branding for athletes is the way to stand out within the industry,” Boro adds. “It gives fans something concrete to identify with and makes it easier to be recognized over your competitors.”

As someone who has a personal brand story of his own, Boro built TopView with the company vision that gives every artist, sportsperson, and brand the opportunity to tell their story, to attract, connect with, and resonate with others.

Find out more about TopView here.

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