Saturday, March 2, 2024

Kate Kerner: Introducing Communications, Media and Marketing Guru

Kate Kerner is the founder and owner of Kate Communications Group. She honed her communications, sales and marketing skills at The Pennsylvania State University’s College of Communications where she majored in Telecommunications. Upon graduating in 2016, Kate worked for Bloomberg Media at its headquarters and for a financial start-up in New York City. Building upon her relevant academic background, robust training, and solid corporate experience, she acted upon her entrepreneurial spirit and launched her own company. 

In heading up Kate Communications Group, she helps clients in various sectors, including fitness, wellness, lifestyle, food and entertainment, achieve their business goals and grow their brands. Kate confidently guides her clients in motivating their teams and engaging their customers. She understands how strategic engagement and cultivation of partner relationships can and will successfully transform companies and enhance brands. Kate also is an expert in event management. 

She pours her heart and soul into every single detail to ensure that she exceeds her clients’ expectations. In everything Kate does from creating content on social media, raising the profile of her clients’ brands to flawlessly executing impactful events, she always is the consummate professional and is results-driven.

Kate was recently featured on The City Confessions Podcast where she spoke extensively on her expertise, business and putting brands in the spotlight.
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