Marketing guru set sights on NYC nightlife

Joseph Levy, GTL Marketing chief and entrepreneur in early talks to build New York City nightclub; promises unmatched experience

After firmly planting his flag in the marketing world, Joseph Levy is planning his next move, one that will see the successful young entrepreneur achieve a long-time goal of moving into the hospitality sector.

Plans are being worked out for a New York City nightclub, expected to launch next summer. Levy said the theme is “Carpe Noctem,” or Seize the Night.

“We are looking to build a premier venue space with all the amenities you would expect in a world-class nightclub,” he said. “We don’t want to just be known in New York City. We expect to be known everywhere.”

If Levy’s previous efforts are any indication, the nightclub will be an innovative space that will become a shining star of the NYC club scene.

“After launching several successful startups, this new opportunity will be an exciting way to stretch my abilities with a whole new business model,” Levy said. “With my marketing and PR operations, I learned what it takes to drive success, and I look forward to using that knowledge to now create an unforgettable nightclub experience.”

While running a nightclub is a new venture for the entrepreneur, he sees similarities between offering top-tier marketing services and a premier NYC nightclub.

“In both businesses overdelivering on consumer demand creates success,” Levy said. “We want to be the ideal, the pinnacle experience. We want to be iconic.”

To achieve that goal, Levy looks to open the nightclub in a venue space that could comfortably host some of the city’s premier events.

“Extending what I know about catering to customer desires, I want to make the space the first choice for NYC events,” Levy said. “And with flawless execution, there will be no match to our location.”

But as a nightclub, Levy said that driving the venue each night will be some of the most exciting DJs from across the region.

“We are looking for a diverse lineup of high-energy performers to keep the club moving every night,” he said. “It will be a lineup equal to any club in the city.”

Levy also envisions live acts utilizing the nightclub, helping diversify the crowd and enhancing the energy.

“We are designing the space to work for various events,” Levy said. “No matter the need, the clientele, the reason, or the holiday, we will mold our space to the clients’ desires.”

VIP areas will also be a prominent feature of the club.

“We envision a VIP experience unlike any other that brings grandeur and opulence to an inclusive atmosphere,” Levy said. 

Those VIP guests will be treated to some of the finest bottle service available in the city.

“What nightclub is a nightclub without bottle service,” Levy said. “We are already lining up an incredible selection of beverage possibilities that will take celebrations from amazing to over-the-top.”

Levy expects the club will appeal to many promoters and patrons, but he is incredibly hopeful that other young entrepreneurs, like himself, find themselves at the club regularly.

“It’s a special comradery among young entrepreneurs,” he said. “Nothing would make me happier than becoming a hotspot for top talent throughout New York City and beyond. Those chance gatherings at places like this help drive successful ventures.”

But no matter the reason for the visit, Levy said it would be an experience.

“The location, the service and the energy in this location will be unmatched,” he said. “This will be the club to be at every night.”

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