Thursday, February 22, 2024

World TradeX Looks to the Gulf for Opportunity

World TradeX announced they are considering moving their headquarters to the Gulf. It is unclear as of yet what state specifically World TradeX has its eye’s on. Some speculate Texas as a lot of Tech companies found them favorable including Tesla among others. However a source close to the founder mentioned Mississippi might be the one catching their eye. 

World TradeX executives were heard at a recent Wall Street Journal interview stating, “The Gulf presents clear untapped potential in numerous areas. Bringing quality high paying career oriented jobs in Technology, Logistics, Finance, and Global Trade to a strong dedicated employee base just makes sense. The centralized location of the port in middle America is an overlooked gem and the unsaturated port leaves wide berth for endless opportunities.”

World TradeX is a Global Commodities Trading Platform for the world’s food supply chain. They have created an integrated system that interweavers buying, selling, finance, and logistics into a simple easy to use singular platform. This satisfies a huge need globally that decentralizes farming enabling farmers big and small direct access to buyers around the world to sell their products. With the global agriculture production value at five trillion dollars this will be a company to watch. 

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