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Who is Simone Ferretti? Inside With the Young Entrepreneur that’s Rocking the Social Media World

It is true that only a select few artists are able to make a name for themselves without any support, Simone Ferretti is one of them. Ferretti is an Italian content creator, who has, within a short period of time, garnered mass public attention with his exceptional photography and videography skills. To have achieved this sort of recognition, in an industry that is flocking with a tremendous amount of talented people, is something that is not only extremely difficult but also an achievement in itself. 


It is hard to believe that a 25-year-old artist started his journey alone and is vastly known for his eye-catching, short, and impactful videos that resonate with his personal interests and by extension, his viewers. Concrete is his medium of choice, Ferretti has been creating content since 2015. Within five years of his journey as a freelance artist, he has made great professional contacts, which has offered him an edge over his competition, making him one of the fastest-growing content creators of all time. Aside from working on his own social media channels, Ferretti has worked with a number of well-known clients throughout his career such as Stutter Hen, Chloe HK, Mercedes-Benz HK, and Circle DNA. He has also published an online photography course that gathered over 1500 participants through a market campaign in 90 days.


Starting a business is tough enough, but if you don’t know how to market it, your chances of success are slim. What plays an integral role in an entrepreneur’s journey to the pinnacle is their in-person marketing skills and of course the Talent! To keep up with the changing times and achieve his dreams, Ferretti has been constantly dedicated to pivot according to the market trends, which is one of the main reasons why he has been able to rock the social media world. Considering the continued volatility of this space, which can make or break a person within seconds, imagine how it must have been for Ferretti to mold himself according to the ever-changing trends, keeping in line with his personal creative aspect!


Entrepreneurship can seem like a hero’s journey for many people who are unfamiliar with it. But in reality, starting a business and being an entrepreneur is not all that glamorous. Each problem must be solved individually, and milestones must be reached in a time-boxed manner.  When you have to come up with a month’s worth of content for your social media, some days can be normal, while others can be stressful or boring. It is how you deal with all these ebbs and flows and come out wiser than ever to make sense in the end. 


It’s no surprise that Ferretti’s determination and hard work have propelled him to new heights. It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd and carve out your own path, but it’s worth it, in the end, to be patient and persistent until you achieve your goals.


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