Who is Ron Sharon? How he is disrupting the IT security and infrastructure industry

To stay secure as the new normal of hybrid work emerges, the threat of cybercrime is growing as individuals are becoming heavily reliant on technology to assist them and manage their daily lives. Not only that, but businesses have also shown an elevating need for an always-connected defensive posture and understanding of what business risks remote users heighten. It wasn’t long ago that the idea of cyber security being a big issue in budgeting considerations was dismissed as an unnecessary investment. It was a simpler time when the internet was merely a fun extra channel for firms and corporations to use on occasion. As years rolled on, the internet’s part in a company’s success has grown increasingly significant, and the security of these systems is more important than ever.

Cyber attacks pose a threat to everyone, not just companies. Where in the past years, the world has experienced a hike in people addressing the grave cyber security issue, there are certain people who have been dominating the market – for all the right reasons. One such person is Ron Sharon, an Israeli-American technologist, cyber security expert, and data privacy advocate – currently serving as a VP of  Information Technology at Mercer Advisors, leading wealth management and financial advisory company based in the U.S. Prior to that, Sharon has offered his services to a number of clients focusing on the task at hand, developing a business strategy that has seen him become an integral part of his clients’ modern security architecture.

What differentiates Sharon from other cyber security professionals is his zest to look for non-traditional answers to complex business problems when traditional thinking doesn’t produce the desired results. When he works for a company, he tells them to establish their technological stack, create policies and processes, and think like they are a thousand people since it is a lot easier to adopt changes now rather than later. Because the underpinnings of a digital context can move much more quickly, there is always something new to learn and potentially apply – which is exactly what Sharon does in order to stay at the top of his game – Always!

With the above unique approach to address the cyber security experts, Sharon has become one of the leading IT security experts in the country. Not only that, but Sharon is also often seen at conferences and industry events on the topics of cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, and product design, sharing his expertise and shedding light on the importance of such topics in the 21st century. It is for sure that as we further into the realm of digitization it is people like Sharon who will continue to reveal the underlying dangers that present in businesses and solve them.

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