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What is the Small Hydraulic Concrete Delivery Pump

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Fine stone concrete conveying pump is a kind of equipment to meet the pumping requirements of concrete through a horizontal or vertical installation pipe to the pouring site. Widely used in floor heating engineering, roof, high-rise building wall, ground mortar and concrete transportation, tunnel, mine and other underground engineering support.

Working Principle of Fine Stone Concrete Conveying Pump

  1. Concrete pump mostly adopts the form of double cylinder, its two hydraulic cylinders drive two conveying cylinder pistons to work alternately. It not only make the transportation of concrete more stable, continuous, but also make the displacement greatly increased. Its working principle is different according to the distribution valve and the control mode, but the main difference is still reflected in the realization of the reversing action. The following small concrete pump of S pipe valve is taken as an example to illustrate its working principle.
  2. When pumping concrete, under the action of the main hydraulic cylinder, the piston is forward, next to the piston is backward. At this time, the swing valve hydraulic cylinder is int the extended state, the other is in the inward state, through the action of the swing arm, the concrete inside is pushed by the piston, and by the S pipe into the conveying pipe.The concrete in the hopper is drawn into the delivery cylinder by the retreating pistons. When the piston is forward in place and the other piston is back in place, the control system send signals, making the swing valve hydraulic cylinder extend out and shrink back to another. When the swing hydraulic cylinders are changed in place, send a signal to make the two main hydraulic cylinders change, push the piston forward, the other back, the last round of concrete sucked into the conveying cylinder is pushed into the S pipe into the conveying pipe at the same time, the conveying cylinder suction material. Such repeated action, so as to complete the small concrete pump concrete material continuous pumping. 
  3. When the pump backpumps, the concrete conveying cylinder connects with the S pipe valve through the backpump operation, so that the concrete of the external push stroke connects with the hopper, so as to bring the concrete pump in the small concrete pump pipeline back to the hopper.

Product details

  1. Schneider electronic control system is equipped with the world’s world advanced electronic control solutions, more stable performance, soft start device application, to ensure that the power grid is not impacted.
  2. Automatic variable high pressure plunger pump 25s high pressure concrete conveying pump, equipped with automatic variable high pressure plunger pump, equipped with an exclusive open double circuit liquid control system, to ensure a strong pumping power.
  3. Strong heat dissipation large displacement fan, strong heat dissipation, refused water cooling, 24 hours operation.
  4. Operation panel is simple but not simple, manual operation is easy to understand, support remote control operation.
  5. High-power motor host is equipped with 30 kw national standard pure copper motor, continuous power output.
  6. Chrome plating cylinder delivery cylinder new inside hole outside the chrome plating technology, thick chrome plating layer, more durable, more wear-resistant.
  7. Manganese steel hopper manganese steel integrated forming hopper, impact resistance, no deformation, no material accumulation, easy to clean
  8. Thickened rubber tires have good elasticity, strong grip and durability.
  9. Support frame selected steel, wear-resistant and durable, strong bearing capacity.

Fine stone concrete transport pump product characteristics:

  1. Suitable for the delivery distance is far, and small occasions.
  2. Double pump double circuit open hydraulic system, electro-hydraulic control, good versatility.
  3. Stop the pump is the discharge, shutdown pipeline without closed pressure, good safety.
  4. Hydraulic, electrical main components used, high reliability.
  5. Four proximity switches, three sets of programs, different schemes to adapt to the needs of different working conditions.
  6. Advanced S pipe valve system, good sealing performance, vulnerable parts are economical and durable, easy to replace.
  7. The main pumping oil circuit and swing oil circuit to participate in the radiator heat dissipation, low oil temperature, hydraulic parts life is longer.
  8. The main pump shunt control swing cylinder, swing strong, ensure the S pipe swing in place, the wide range of application for conveying materials.
  9. The main cylinder adopts the sequential working mode, must put the cylinder in place, the main cylinder began to work, is not easy to block the pipe.
  10. Concrete cylinder design, piston suction material feeding to the eye plate, suction material feeding effect is good, high conveying efficiency.
  11. No constant pressure pump, reduce the failure rate and leakage point, under the same configuration, the constant power point is high, large transmission volume, energy saving.

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