Wasee Jewels Takes Adorning with Diversity in Mind to Another Level

Beyond the face value they have, there is usually an intrinsic value attached to the best jewelry pieces. At Wasee Jewels, jewelry is not just a piece of adornment that anybody can wear. It goes beyond that, and since the brand was established in 2016, it has reflected diversity and promotion of different cultures through its handcrafted artistic pieces of jewelry. The founder, Farah Wasi Ghatala, set out to establish a jewelry brand that embraces ethnicities and cultures worldwide. So far, the brand has enjoyed wide acceptance from people who attach significant importance to their jewelry pieces.

Wasee Jewels prides itself on designing jewelry pieces that showcase the beauty in cultural diversity. Its wide range of earrings, necklaces, and gift items all edge away from the Eurocentric beauty norm that virtually everyone is used to. The brand does not only deliver jewelry pieces; it delivers a unique experience to customers as its value offerings are not readily available anywhere else. For every piece of jewelry, Wasee Jewels ensures that it will outlast trends and generations and deliver value to the customers for many years to come.

Building Wasee Jewels for Farah was a thing of passion. She’s passionate about culture, and she wanted to change how culture reflects fashion. According to her, the fashion industry was not showcasing the true range of global fashion and culture, and she sought to change that.  She attended the prestigious Academy of Arts University San Francisco, where she delved deeper into art history and cultures worldwide. She equipped herself with stories of interesting art pieces and their history, which she tells through her brand. Wasee Jewels’ slogan, “A Story You Can Wear,” reflects the brand’s core mission, and Farah ensures her team of creative designers stick to the slogan for every jewelry piece they design.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree, Farah runs a jewel brand that gives people a more powerful identity by showcasing their culture through these beautiful jewelry pieces. “Wasee Jewels strives to do what no other jewelry company has, which is to bring marginalized people into view and give them a powerful platform they can speak from and showcase their own beauty,” Farah says. Also noteworthy is the sustainable production processes that her jewelry pieces undergo. They are designed to suit the customers’ personalities while celebrating their cultures or any other culture they might find fascinating. Celebrities like Jhene Aiko and Tabitha Brown have worn jewelry pieces from the brand in music videos and photoshoots.

Wasee Jewels is a one-of-a-kind brand that has put in work to stand out over the years. It communicates culture, ethnicity, and diversity in ways that no other brand does, and that alone has kept the brand waxing strong. Wasee Jewels has grown in leaps and bounds over the last five years and has graced notable events like the Grammys and the Cannes Film Festival.

Despite launching her brand at the age of 50, Farah Ghatala is still focused on growth. Her five-year goal is to grow the company into an eco-sustainable company at the forefront of gender and culture inclusivity in fashion. She also intends to compete with the fashion industry’s biggest names and take the chance to show minority groups that they can achieve their dreams and become a force in their chosen fields and industries.

Learn more about Wasee Jewels on the official website and Instagram. Photographs by Lan Doan, styling by Venk Modur, modeling by Eesa Ghatala, and jewelry by Wasee.

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