VOLÉR DESIGN Advocates for Creative Opportunities for Marginalized Individuals Through Urban Fashion

Independent designer Jade Young, also known as Ms.VOLER introduces luxury fashion for the streets with her brand VOLÉR DESIGN. Catering to more than just the customers, VOLÉR creates opportunities and provides experience for marginalized creatives through urban fashion.

Jade Young established VOLÉR DESIGN in 2014 after a lifelong passion for fashion. The designer first experienced the joy of expressive styling and clothing at home. Jade’s mother made an effort to keep her and her older brothers in the loop with the high end designers, nurturing their confidence and passion.

By the time Jade reached high school, shopping culture had already gone through dramatic changes. The fashionista started to feel like none of the ready-to-wear collections reflected her style. It was around this time that she developed the idea to create her clothing line. During her first year in college, she made her idea into a reality. After basketball came to an end, she decided to design 50 shirts. The collection sold out in two weeks, and this early experience with success became the foundation of VOLÉR.

The French word VOLÉR means “to fly.” VOLÉR DESIGN is taking streetwear to new heights—a fitting accomplishment for the company’s name and focus on breaking limits. The brand delivers a shopping experience of a lifetime with limited 1-of-1 pieces. Further enhancing their luxury shopping services, VOLÉR offers exclusive membership to select customers. Their membership grants them access to limited drops, special codes, and runway showcases.

VOLÉR DESIGN combines high-level artistry with street sensibilities to create a luxury gender-neutral trend. The brand’s designs are made with essential materials that fit right into any wardrobe. By using visuals and photographs, customers can engage with the simplistic apparel from various VOLÉR collections.

“If you don’t have it, then you are not IT” said Jade. Instead of following trends, VOLÉR DESIGN sets them. The brand has recently filed for trademark and came across an issue with VANS “OFF THE WALL” last year 2020. Allegedly, The Billion Dollar brand VANS objected to the VOLÉR DESIGN “V” mark, claiming that the brands look too similar. “It is clear that our marks are completely opposite. Stories like this happen all the time where bigwigs take from the smaller brands’ culture. It just so happens to be that we stand for what we believe regardless. This “V” is deeper than fashion” said Jade. The company has achieved timeless designs by producing mood-based collections and content. This departure from tradition is another testament to the brand’s commitment to shake up the fashion world. The brand will continue to move forward with the VOLÉR DESIGN movement.

The express mission of VOLÉR is to awaken and advocate for the minds of the underrepresented. The company recognizes that opportunities to pursue meaningful and fulfilling careers in the fashion industry are limited. However, VOLÉR is all about transformative perspectives that empower people to fly and soar above limits imposed by society. The luxury streetwear brand helps upcoming creatives gain experience designing, modeling, styling, filming, photography, creative directing, set designing, and graphic designing. Through this initiative, VOLÉR enriches the entire industry and sets the stage for more innovative brands to develop in the future.

In 2019, Jade Young partnered with her childhood friend Diamond Spruill to further scale the company. Standing for a grander cause is a shared goal between Jade and Diamond, and their initiative to help rising creatives is a step toward that direction.

Currently, VOLÉR DESIGN is operating 100% digitally. As part of the company’s long-term outlook for growth, there are plans to build eight stores in strategic urban area communities worldwide. The luxury streetwear brand is actively looking for talented individuals to join the creative team and contribute to their positive impact on the industry.

To support the movement and join the conversation use #RespectTheV on your social media platforms to spread awareness. For more information, visit VOLÉR DESIGN’s website. Follow the brand on social media @volerdesign @dimecapture

Want to become a member? https://volerdesigndc.com/vcard-registration 

Any questions? Contact the brand via Email or Text 

202-505-5565  info@volerdesigndc.com 


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