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Visions by Janessa Photography Creating Memories out of Moments

Memories make an important part of human existence, and the digital world has made it easier to preserve them. However, memories have more profound effects when captured artistically with some dexterity. Seasoned photographer Janessa Taber is actively creating and preserving memories for people, families, and brands. Through her brand, Visions by Janessa Photography, Janessa’s handiwork is a dedication to her clients. She hand-paints and customizes every one of her backdrops to convey solid artistic representations and preserve important moments in time.

Janessa Taber felt led to build a brand that helps people feel warm, fuzzy and great from within. She launched Visions by Janessa Photography to manifest her childhood dreams, and the impact has been profound. What started as a small photography business quickly evolved into something special – ensuring every one of her clients’ photos shows them in their best light. 

The company specializes in newborn, maternity, childhood, motherhood and family photoshoots and has built an outstanding reputation both within and outside the country. Like the moments she captures through her camera, her works of art serve as a unique memory that she gifts to her clients. Having serviced renowned celebrities and individuals, Janessa’s attention to detail and care for her unique services is a defining experience for her clients. She designs each set by hand from scratch, creating breathtaking scenes. Along with her extensive training and experience in safely handling infants for her sessions, she passes on this knowledge to other aspiring photographers through one-on-one sessions.

Success didn’t come to her overnight. Her creative pursuits started at a young age when her father, Donald Taber, gifted her her first camera. That moment opened her to the beauty of photography, as well as her fascination with images. Since then, Janessa has dedicated years to capturing moments for families. With a career that spans more than two decades, Janessa Taber offers a vast array of services to meet every need of her clients. Janessa’s artistry and expertise span numerous photography needs as she aims to bring out the genuine emotion and beauty behind each moment. She creates and paints her own clients’ backdrops named after the children she paints them for. Continuously reinventing and rediscovering her passion for her craft, Janessa believes that dedication will result in timeless photos that can be treasured forever. “I see so much beauty in everyone I capture,” Janessa says. 

Voted as Yuba-Sutter’s Best Photographer in 2021 and 2022, her passion and dedication to both her clients and her industry have left a mark on how people view maternal photography. Janessa Taber has worked with a wide range of remarkable clients, which include celebrities and brands like Kobe Bryant, Jon Lovitz, Kristy Osmunson, Angel Salazar, Farrah Abraham, Hollywood stunt actress Michelle Elise Shock, iHeart radio music and the LA Lakers basketball team. Janessa is currently hard at work negotiating a deal as an exclusive designer with Hazy Sky Designs, a renowned backdrop company within the photography industry. Aside from her creative pursuits, she also offers one-on-one mentoring for people of all ages and skills about posing newborns and newborn safety. 

To find out more, visit Janessa’s website at, or follow her on Instagram.

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