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Victoria Pressly: The Mastermind Behind Hype Public Relations, Championing Travel, Hospitality, and Lifestyle PR

Victoria Pressly: The Mastermind Behind Hype Public Relations, Championing Travel, Hospitality, and Lifestyle PR
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When it comes to public relations in the sectors of travel, hospitality and lifestyle, few names stand out like that of Victoria Pressly, the owner and founder of Hype Public Relations, also known as Hype PR LLC. With exceptional acumen for promoting businesses in these sectors to dizzying heights, Pressly has secured her place as a leading figure in the field of PR. Renowned for her successful handling of high-profile clients and projects, Pressly has successfully built a path for Hype Public Relations in championing campaigns that not only amplify clients’ brand value but also inspire public trust and interest. One of Pressly’s notable successes is her phenomenal work with the Visitors Center of Bisbee, Arizona. 

Here, she propelled the charm of the site into the spotlight, highlighting the unique offerings that make this location a must-visit destination. Her visionary strategy and astute media savvy redirected the spotlight towards the potential of Bisbee as an amazing family vacation destination. This PR thrust was not unfounded. Bisbee has lots to offer to the ordinary tourist and seasoned traveler alike. However, the location needed the magic touch of a PR maestro to help it come out of obscurity, and Pressly emerged as the ideal person for this. Responding to this opportunity with typical panache, she ramped up attention on Bisbee, putting it on the radar of many travel enthusiasts. 

As a testament to her remarkable promotional skills, numerous travel magazines and influencers recently named Bisbee the top travel destination for 2024. This exceptional recognition adequately reflects the tireless work Pressly and her team at Hype PR have done to bring Bisbee to the limelight. 

In addition to her work for Bisbee, Pressly has had an illustrious client list that boasts of significant names. Prominent among these is Gretchen Bonaduce, the reality TV star known for her shows on VH1 and many others. Bonaduce, who recently moved to Bisbee, Arizona, and became owner of two hotels and a restaurant, benefited from Pressly’s phenomenal knack for publicity. Rightfully recognizing the immense PR value that could be leveraged from Bonaduce’s moves, Pressly took the reins of presenting the TV star’s buzzing activities in the best light possible. Amidst these notable achievements, it is clear to see why Pressly is often hailed as an “expert in Public relations.” 

Her trailblazing work with Hype Public Relations has effectively redefined capabilities and expectations in the PR industry, especially related to travel, hospitality, and lifestyle. As Hype PR continues to scale new heights under Pressly’s visionary leadership, the firm continues to rise to the lofty expectations associated with it. Whether there is a quaint rustic hotel that needs publicity, a must-visit vacation destination that needs to be discovered, or a widely loved TV personality looking to diversify their portfolio, Victoria Pressly is the name trusted by many. 

With the power to shape public opinion and sway masses, public relations holds an essential place in the modern world. Harnessing this power with incredible expertise is Victoria Pressly, the owner-founder of Hype Public Relations, a woman whose work has placed her at the top of PR professionals globally. Handling complex scenarios with ease, navigating tough challenges, and emerging victorious at the end, Victoria has become a pivotal figure in promoting brands and entities in the travel, hospitality, and lifestyle sectors.

Victoria graduated from St. John’s University in Queens NY and launched her career in NYC Radio with Hot 97 WQHT where she was in charge of promotions and sales. She says that experience brought her into the world of the NYC nightlife scene and she made many connections in Fashion & Entertainment. Victoria partnered up with a financial backer and launched a Modeling Agency Now Model Management/Partners that later became one of the TOP in NYC creating many Super Models. Victoria was married in the late 90s and had three beautiful children and says “being a mother and wife is the most important job that has filled my heart with so much pleasure, love & happiness. Victoria launched her PR firm Hype Public Relations over 25 years ago and says when people talk to her they know how passionate she is about her work. Victoria says “my heart, body & Soul built my business over 25 years of hard work and dedication to my client’s. Hype Public Relations is a Woman owned business and Victoria knows from a lifetime of diversity issues that it isn’t easy being a woman in business. When I speak about what I do,  it’s my whole soul as if it’s in my DNA. My advice to other women is stay strong to your belief in yourself, don’t ever doubt who you are or where you came from. 

For more information on Victoria Pressly and Hype Public Relations LLC, visit Here’s to many more campaigns successfully championed by Pressly/Hype PR , adding to the vibrancy and richness of the travel, hospitality, and lifestyle sectors.


Published By: Aize Perez

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