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VH1’s My True Crime Story’s Shawana King: Her Incredible Journey to Redemption and Success

There is an adage that goes, “The circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” This statement resonates deeply with author and entrepreneur Shawana King, who had to overcome great adversities before finding success.

The fascinating individual grew up in the streets of Brooklyn during the late ’90s. Born to a hustler father, most of her childhood was spent being exposed to her dad’s livelihood. It did not take long before she started running hustles of her own.

However, the dangerous lifestyle eventually caught up to her, and at the tender age of 19, Shawana King went to federal prison for credit card fraud. While locked up and facing the consequences of her actions, the young woman made the decision to turn her life around and change for the better.

Now, the former delinquent is a successful business owner and runs The Real Credit Pros together with her close friend. It is a high-level credit repair agency that focuses on educating the public about the importance of maintaining a good credit history.

She is also the founder of Shop Classy Hair, a virgin hair company that provides high-quality premium wigs, bundles, and ponytails.

What inspired the entrepreneur to build the brand is her strong desire to right her wrongs. On top of that, her fellow inmates who got out ahead of her shared how difficult it was for someone with a history of a felony to find a job. This knowledge amplified her determination to succeed and create her own empire.

Aside from managing her growing enterprise, the inspiring woman remains committed to making a difference. She uses her voice to educate people, especially the youth, about the risks of participating in illegal activities. She frequently visits juvenile detention centers and jails to enlighten the youth that they can attain success lawfully and legally. Most importantly, she hopes to encourage these young minds to abandon a life of wrongdoing.

Not only that, but the creative individual captures the public’s interest and expertly raises awareness about her advocacy through artistic and innovative ways. She wrote and published the best-selling book Swiped, which chronicles the story of the fictional character Shay Hinds. The cautionary tale is heavily inspired by the author’s personal journey and provides an entertaining yet informative look into the dangerous world of crime. In addition, Shawana King has also appeared on the first episode of the documentary series My True Crime Story on VH1 narrated by Remy Ma. Shawana appears in this cautionary documentary series to hopefully prevent others from making the same mistakes that she once did.

Shawana King’s incredible journey to redemption is a testament that a person’s history does not define their future. Anyone is capable of change and can succeed regardless of their past.

Moving forward, the entrepreneur plans to scale her businesses further and help more people improve their credit scores. Along with it, the powerful woman aims to continue championing her advocacy and reach a wider audience.

Learn more about Shawana King by visiting her official website and Instagram.

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