5 Businesses to Watch

Meet five businesses well on their way to changing the way we do things and making the world a better place. From sustainable vacationing to completely changing the tax game to inspiring teachers, lifting up their communities, changing the face of eCommerce and helping businesses realize their full potential — these movers and shakers will capture the hearts and minds of Americans; for years to come!

Roam Wild Adventure

Roam Wild Adventure curates meaningful adventures for travelers from around the world in Tanzania. In addition to providing sustainable income to the area — the group works closely with the community throughout Tanzania to support social and environmental initiatives and has partnered with Tomorrow’s Air to bring direct CO2 capture technology to the area. The group uses the best guides and resources to lead treks on Mt. Kilimanjaro and safari tours. Visit the Roam Wild Adventure website to plan your exciting, fully guided trip to one of the most beautiful places in Africa today! 

Tax Titans

Alan Blakeborough, Blake for short, founded Tax Titans to help accountants and enrolled agents keep a larger portion of their bill and small business filers find tax help that fits their needs. Small business filers fill in their requirements, like industry familiarity or bilingual capability and the platform returns bids from matching registered and experienced accountants and enrolled agents. Accountants and enrolled agents get to keep 90% of the billed/quoted amount and have the opportunity to network and meet clients. Additionally, Tax Titans provides a 3-month tax certification training program to veterans looking to start an accounting business. Interested in signing on — visit Tax Titans today!

JMI Security Services LLC

JMI Security Services LLC offers the best security training in the Tri-State area. The founders Jeffrey and Casandra Moyé provide aspiring security guards a full-service educational package that covers it all from “A to Z.” At JMI, students are taken through the 8-hour training course and the 16-hour on-the-job training for full certification. Then the pros at JMI help graduates make a resume and nail the job interview. They cater to bilingual students and care enough to take the extra time to ensure graduates understand all the material; hear about their outstanding education services from a student! Sign up with JMI Security Services today!    


Oubai Al Hendi founded twigBIG to make shopping a reliable and seamless experience for consumers and help people make a name for themselves in beauty and fashion. The eCommerce platform provides shoppers an AI-driven personalized Amazon meets TikTok experience, with video reviews, demonstrations from people using the product and an augmented reality dressing/makeup room — so shoppers can try the products before they buy. Through this groundbreaking model, customers get discounts by uploading videos, and influencers gain income by sending people to the site. It’s a win-win-win! twigBIG has over 80K products, 250K users and 2K creators; register with twigBIG app today!      

New River Solutions

After decades of experience as a finance leader at organizations like HP, Robert Towle founded New River Solutions to help companies be more adaptable, flexible and resilient. Robert uses his expertise and these three guiding principles to provide businesses with consulting, business scaling, and planning services. The New River Solutions team has had the honor of assisting businesses from small start-ups to the American Red Cross. Robert also offers entrepreneurs and business owners guidance through his book “Don’t Be Dumb.” So, if you’re looking to take the next step or need to refocus, visit the New Solutions website, or call Robert at (862) 812-7851.

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