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Black Owned Luxury Bag Brand Creating Ripples in the Industry by Setting New Trends

Tian Zevon is the latest black-owned luxury bag brand that has been creating a lot of buzz in New York and around the globe. It’s been a year since the company stepped foot into the market, and there has been no looking back since. They’ve managed to garner the attention of major department stores that are eager to add the TZ collections to their sales floors. The company is known for designing its bags with a creative twist and being a true trendsetter.

Tian Zevon is a black-owned luxury bag brand that has managed to make quite a mark. This company is owned and operated by Tiana Seabrone and Von Seabrone. The couple had a phenomenal journey and managed to clinch their goals by believing that even in a largely dominated fashion world, all one needs to thrive and flourish is the zeal to be different and make a mark.

Tiana, the owner, was quoted as saying, “In an industry dominated by long-standing billion-dollar corporations, it’s important to get in, hit the ground running and give it your all. We wanted to position ourselves as a standout brand that knows how to make a mark. This is why our bags are designed and handcrafted in unique styles. We incorporate sophisticated metal handles and other accessories to make even regular tote styles look remarkably different.”

The company has been generating a massive buzz in the market, and thereby they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they are able to cater to the masses. Their bags have managed to soar in popularity, and most people who have been using them have been very pleased with the quality they have to offer. The company surely has some big expansion goals in mind as they believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to growth. The owners recently broke the news that they will grace the floors of a major department store in NYC, Atlanta, Chicago and more in the near future. More details are to be announced this summer. They have proven that they’re not only dedicated to providing timeless pieces but also to staying active and contributing to the community.

Being a black-owned luxury label isn’t easy and so the couple is not willing to get complacent anytime soon. They just offered a preview of their summer bags with the NALA tote, and the response has been mighty impressive already.

Those who would like to know more about the different collections offered by the brand should make it a point to visit www.TianZevon.com

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